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Mary Page is a Nirvana-loving songwriter who also happens to spend her days working for the United Nations...which on first thought, might explain the title of her band Jumpers' upcoming album, The Little-Ease. No one thumbing through newspaper headlines these days feels any sort of ease. Can't imagine what it's like being involved with an organization that's tasked day in, day out to keep the peace.

In a quick exchange of emails, Page revealed that "Little Ease" actually refers to a prison and that Jumpers' new single "Black Bile" was inspired by Lars Von Trier's film, Melancholia. Again, I'm questioning how the gravity of her day job might be rubbing off on the Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based artist's work. What's clear though is the escape music offers. In the band's sunny new video premiere of the song, darkened subject matter flies by the wayside in favor of sun streaks, classic car rides, and a passionate rock performance. The video was directed by Louis-Charles Dionne. Watch it below.

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Jumpers live in Brooklyn, NY, where they enjoy playing music and jumping on the couch, among other places. They are comprised of Fen Ikner (Calexico, Knife Crazy, Lips), Turner Stough (Tuff Sunshine, Bel Air) and Montreal-bred singer/songwriter Marie P. They are currently working on their first full-length album, which should see the light of day sometime this fall. Thank you for dropping by, friend or future friend!



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