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Alex Ebert (better known as Edward Sharpe, the frontman of the Magnetic Zeroes and the male voice on the infectiously happy 2009 track "Home") doesn't spend all of his time as an imaginary messianic figure... first he fronted Ima Robot, an electro-band from LA. As the band prepares to release its latest LP, Another Man's Treasure, due in the fall on their own label Werewolf Heart Records, they've released two songs so far... "Ruthless", which impacted a month ago, and now this, an exploration of visual and sonic confusion (best I can describe it).

Delve deep into the electronic layers of sound and noise with the new track "Rough Night", a sentiment that is echoed visually with video we're excited to be premiering on Baeble. What starts as a fuzzy black and white look into a seemingly simple mock-up of the solar system soon evolves into a Rorschach test of fuzzy imagery. It might require a few viewings, as the panning sometimes takes you so far out of the muddy imagery. At one point, a campfire turns into a volcano with lightning?... you'll see what I mean.

Artist Bio

Ima Robot is a band based in Los Angeles, California that formed in the late 1990s.

Following vocalist Alex Ebert's previous band The Lucky 13's breakup, Ima Robot formed in the late 1990s and, in the early 2000s, after signing with Virgin Records, became successful.
The band's other original members were Timmy "The Terror" Anderson, Oliver "Oligee" Goldstein, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and the prolific studio drummer Joey Waronker. Meldal-Johnsen and Waronker were sought-after musicians who had played with Beck before joining Ima Robot.

On September 6, 2003, Ima Robot released their first full-length album, the self-titled Ima Robot. The album featured the singles "Dynomite" and "Song #1" (released in the UK only), and the band supported their album by touring with artists such as Hot Hot Heat, The Von Bondies, Hoobastank, The Sounds, and others.

In 2004, Waronker and "Oligee" left the band, and Meldal-Johnsen followed in 2005, with former Oleander drummer Scott Devours, Tim Anderson's cousin whom he had never met before Devours auditioned, taking over drumming duties; Filip Nikolic taking over on bass; and Andy Marlow taking over on keyboards.

On September 12, 2006, Ima Robot released their second album Monument to the Masses, which featured the singles "Creeps Me Out" and "Lovers in Captivity".

In April 2007, the band won their independence from Virgin Records and continued to work unsigned under the management of Alexis Rivera of Echo Park Records. The song "Gangster" premiered on the band's MySpace on April 15, 2008, with its lyrics posted in a blog entry by the band. In 2010 the band announced the upcoming release of their new album, Another Man's Treasure, and released the song "Ruthless" on the Internet. They are now being represented by the Werewolf Heart label.

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