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This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai.

The first dance at your wedding, the last at your prom; your first time behind the wheel -- music has made these moments memorable. When you think back, these images play through your memory like a personalized music video.

Recently, Hyundai gave us a unique opportunity to capture our own epic day by creating a music video. We followed Baeblemusic's founder, David Moffly as he, his daughter and her two friends trekked out to Montauk for an autumn adventure at the beach. After returning with our footage, we were tasked with choosing the perfect song to track the montage-like home video. We knew immediately that the song by our current band crush, JJAMZ, "Heartbeat" had the sound that emboddied the exuberant mood of our Epic Day. You can buy JJAMZ latest album Suicide Pact here.

Watch the 60-second video of a day the Moffly family will never forget.


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