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The red staircase, the windows at the top, the door to the Guest Apartment... its not often you get to peek into the mythos of our Baeble house here in New York City. Luckily for you, Hurricane Bells came to play in our hood, and they made a little film documenting the experience. In the film you can see the inner working of sound checks, television monitors, gear hauling, and of course, the back rooms and hallways of our coveted house of music.

After making a mini splash with a surprise spot on the Twilight: New Moon OST (amongst some more well known peeps), Vagrant Records put out Tonight Is The Ghost in November (the debut). Steve Schiltz, a nice guy and the man behind Hurricane Bells, likes to make little videos during all the bands various adventures and projects. So check out the next chapter in the Hurricane Bells lineage, with the added bonus of peeking behind the scenes of what we do, and how we do it, here at Baeble. Stay tuned for the full Guest Apartment, coming next year. -joe puglisi

Artist Bio

Hurricane Bells - a new project from Steve Schiltz, the singer and guitarist of Longwave for nearly ten years - has been garnering serious attention lately for a relatively new and largely unknown band after an album b-side, "Monsters," was chosen for the soundtrack of the second film in the Twilight franchise, New Moon. Suddenly Schiltz's bedroom (or basement, technically) project, which he had originally planned on self-releasing, was part of one of the most talked about current pop culture phenomena.

Hurricane Bells began when after touring the better part of the last year around Longwave's fourth album Secrets Are Sinister (a critical success and arguably the best of the band's career), Schiltz set up shop to create a new project with little else than his MacBook and an Mbox. Writing, playing, recording, and mixing every note himself, he arranged what would become Hurricane Bells' debut, Tonight Is The Ghost. Some songs were fully crafted within the past 18 months, while others are newly architected from pieces written throughout his years as a songwriter.

Tonight Is The Ghost is a moody, gorgeous mix of somber undercurrents and chiming guitars bathed in echo and reverb. Running the musical gamut from hauntingly melancholic ("This Year", "Tenterhooks") to driving, guitar-jangling pop ("This Is A Test", "Darkness Is So Deep") to mournful, lovely atmospheric ballads ("I Can't Remember", "Tonight I'm Going To Be Like A Shooting Star"), the songs are all linked by a distinctive late-night feel that threads a certain ease and soulfulness throughout the album.


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