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A wise man once said: In the end it all comes down to awesome, emotional post-rock song, passionate girl-on-girl kissing, creepy dolls hiding in the bushes, insanely high contrast and LASER-EYED HORSES. Who are we to argue?!

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is the solo musical endeavor of Rey Villalobos,

the name's origin coming from the translation of Villa-lobos from Spanish to English.

A Los Angeles native, Villalobos's family originates from two different sides of the globe - Cananea Sonora Mxico and Francavilla al Mare on the Italian Adriatic Coast.

Rey grew up a classically trained pianist, citing Chopin as his first and main musical influence.

House of Wolves debut album Fold In The Wind presents a warm, ethereal, and poetic collection. While beautifully eerie in acoustic form, the songs are filled with "colorful symphonic sustain that decorates spacious arrangements" blended with Villalobos's haunting melodies and tender voice they call to mind Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens, and Beach House.


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House of Wolves

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