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Here We Go Magic's newest gnarly ditty "Make Up Your Mind" has got us pretty pumped for the band's forthcoming, Nigel Godrich produced album A Different Ship. It's pretty nifty sounding, a peppy beat and a cast of guitar hooks careening around Luke Temple's sneaky vocals. In the run-up to the release, the band found time to put together a somewhat unsettling video. All we can say is Luke's got quite the effect on womena nice party trick we're guessing he picked up on tour. The video was directed by Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick.

Artist Bio

We like the way the name sounds so we set it to music. Our own Luke made a beautiful record and we joined him to make something together. We are creating songs from melodies that can turn from gorgeous to challenging to a little scary and back again. Sounds are driven and shaped by, but hopefully never grounded by, rhythms that entrance before performing a somersault. It all seems silly on paper, but there are no dirty words: groovy, psychedelic, pretty etc... are all fair game. It is our hope that we generate something generous and surprising, crafted but instinctive, even as it coalesces. So far it is a lovely ruckus.



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