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Through a nifty bit of editing accomplished by combing through and combining hours of random VHS footage, San Francisco based artist, Dustin Krapes - aka HABITS - assures a total mental wig out for all who fire up the premiere of his new video for "HAACKSAW". It's a wig out worth putting ones' self through though, as Krapes pairs schizophrenic imagery with his odd, psychedelic adventures. Have at it!

Artist Bio

HABITS is the name for the synthesizer and sample based music composed, produced, and sung by Dustin M Krapes (aka Dusty Klouds, ex-Halloween Swim Team) who hails from Los Angeles. Dustin performs his sonic imagineering on a vintage macbook and is joined by live contributors who have included Bobby Vega (Stab City), Kyle Souza (Stab City, Truck Bitch) and Nick Chacon (Stay Cool Forever).



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