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Sacramento-based duo Golden Youth formed in 2012 as an explorative, mutual side project. Now, after having released their debut record Quiet Frame; Wild Light last week, we can confidently say the folk melodized companionship of Stephanie Lauren (vocals, keys) and Kyle Monroe (guitar) is something of a victorious musical venture.

We've been given the pleasure of sharing the group's latest music video for Quiet Frame; Wild Light's third track, entitled "Brother In The Morning Light". It's a xylophone stitched tune, laden with handfuls of persistent claps and melodic whistling and flute. The video pairs the duo with a few accompanying musicians who play some pretty pastoral settings. We're also told Lauren and Kyle often invite a wide range of close friends join them on stage to assist their live performances.

Quiet Frame; Wild Light is now available. Click the title to purchase on iTunes.

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Sacramento-based duo of Stephanie Lauren (vocals, keys) and Kyle Monro (guitar) formed in 2013 and released their debut album Quiet Frame; Wild Light in May of 2013.



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