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An eclectic electronic artist from Essex, UK, Gold Panda began leaking his creations to various labels, blogs, tastemakers, etc...with enthusiastic results. Folks took notices, peers desired remixs (Little Boots, Telepathe, Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, HEALTH), and his album Lucky Shiner was born. "Marriage" is it's third single, and brings with it this globe tripping video was created by Israeli artist Ronni Shendar on location in India, Germany and Israel.

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Mixing samples into a swirling yet laid-back stew, a musical mlange somewhere between DJ Shadow and Four Tet, London-based knob turner Gold Panda began to stir an underground buzz in the late 2000s. A retiring sort with the given name Derwin, Gold Panda began his electronic experiment as a lark in the late '90s as a teenager, chopping up pop songs with abandon on his music producer uncle's sampler. By his late twenties, he was remixing tracks for Bloc Party and Little Boots, and turning the ears of tastemakers with his original hip-hop and trance-laced compositions. Before and You were released in 2009, with Lucky Shiner following soon after in 2010. After contributing a mix for the !K7 label's DJ-Kicks series in 2011, Derwin did some traveling, which ultimately inspired an international music concept for his 2013 sophomore outing, Half of Where You Live.




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