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It's impossibly hard to find pop music in these days. You know, real pop music, not gimmicked superficial electro pop or scruffy, foggy indie rock, but the sort that stands on a strong melody, uncomplicated lyrics that are just perfect, the sort that calls to find the simplistic beauty of decades past. But if anyone can capture that unblemished sensibility, it'd be Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian and his new project, God Help the Girl.

These are songs that hold a hint of Belle & Sebastian, Stuart Murdoch's songwriting genius, these are songs that are beautiful in their individual right, a few minutes of pop bliss in a world too hurried to notice, but more than anything God Help the Girl captures a voice, a distinctive presence and vision. Their new video for "Funny Little Frog," from their forth coming album God Help the Girl offers a glimpse of Stuart's search for finding the girl for the band, a call that turned in hundreds of candidates, and only a few that suits the band's aesthetic and carries both the voice and the personality. God Help the Girl's version of the Belle & Sebastian song adds an old time swing to it, turning the modern pop with a strut of the original to a 60's soul influenced, strings and instrumentals delivering a deeper, grander version of this whimsical, evasive love song.

Watch "Funny Little Frog" below and anticipate the album to be released on June 23rd for the full story set to music, and, perhaps, Stuart's musical film rendition of the project to come. - Laura Yan

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God Help the Girl is a musical project authored by Stuart Murdoch, the leader of the Scottish indie pop group Belle and Sebastian, featuring, besides Belle and Sebastian as the accompanying band, a group of female vocalists, including Catherine Ireton. The records released as part of the project include so far: the singles Come Monday Night, Funny Little Frog (2009) and Baby, Youre Blind (2010), the main album of the project, also entitled God Help the Girl, and the EP Stills (both published in 2009). In 2011, Stuart Murdoch plans to start shooting a musical film, which will feature the songs published in the singles and albums.

The songs of the project God Help the Girl belong to the genre of indie pop and resemble the other output of Belle and Sebastian in tone two songs (Funny Little Frog and Act of the Apostle) were taken directly from the earlier repertory of this group. However, contrary to the earlier work of Belle and Sebastian a group dominated by male performers, female vocalists (who are not members of the group) play the main role in the project. The songs themselves also tell about the problems of young girls entering adult life.



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