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Gedeon Luke and The People transport you to the '70's with some Memphis Soul in "Live Free." We suddenly feel like some BBQ.

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Hailing from the streets of Memphis, soul music flows through Gedeon Lukes veins in rainbow colored hues. Weaned on the gospel infused sounds of Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield and Al Green and inspired by the rock 'n roll passion of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Gedeon and his band The People are here to crash through the boundaries of music and society, to bring Love, Peace and Soul to the world.

Fighting through childhood poverty, rejecting the gang violence and drug abuse that surrounded him, Gedeon looked to music, family and faith as his beacon. Refusing to be hardened by the mean streets, Gedeon brings pure joy and passion to his music and his life.

His debut record, Live Free and Love was cut old school style, throwing his band The People and special guests in a room and laying it down live. It follows no trend. Its Love, Peace and Soul. Its Gedeon Luke.



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Gedeon Luke and The People

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