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Ex:Re's "The Dazzler" is a tale of loneliness in a transient world.

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While her band Daughter played with intimate atmospherics and expansive soundscapes, singer/songwriter Elena Tonra turned further inward on her introspective Ex:Re project. Though the music remains in a similar sphere as Daughter -- especially in their shared love of the xx -- Ex:Re also incorporates the delicacy of Bat for Lashes, the pained beauty of Cat Power, and the ambient exploration of Radiohead.

Ex:Re After releasing three critically lauded sets with Daughter in the 2010s, Tonra announced the project in 2018, issuing the melancholic self-titled debut that November on 4AD. Written after a tough breakup, Ex:Re (which means "Regarding Ex") acts as both therapeutic closure and an outlet for Tonra to purge emotions, crafted with engineer/producer Fabian Prynn and cellist Josephine Stephenson.

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