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NSFW. NSFW in a very BIG way. Naturally, we know that means you horn dogs are currently gathering all your fellow co workers and assembling them around the biggest, widescreen monitor you can find. Detroit City Rockers Electric Six have always strived to be as outrageous as possible. We enjoyed a show of theirs' at the Bowery a few years back. But it seems with their video for "Body Shots", the boys have sincerely upped the ante. Singing he's the director, we're ever so grateful Dick Valentine is providing us with a director's cut. Expect plenty of humor, a psychedelic twist, and um...lots of nudity as this delightful little devil plays through. Mercy... You may need to get yourself to confession after watching this one (over and over and over, no doubt). - David Pitz

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Formerly known as the Wildbunch, the Detroit-based sextet Electric Six mixes together garage, disco, punk, new wave, and metal.

Singer Dick Valentine, guitarists Rock and Roll Indian and Surge Joebot, bassist Disco, and drummer M. formed the Wildbunch in 1996. Changes in record labels and band personnel were frequent, but the group struck gold with 2001's "Danger! High Voltage," which became an underground hit (particularly in the U.K.).

The following year, Electric Six signed to XL and re-recorded "Danger! High Voltage," this time adding backing vocals from the White Stripes' Jack White. After the re-release of the single in 2003, Electric Six issued their full-length debut album, Fire, later that spring. Just a few weeks after the album's release, the band went through a massive change in lineup. This new lineup soon landed a record deal with Rushmore, a British Warner Bros. imprint, in 2004. After yet another lineup change, the second Electric Six album, Señor Smoke, was released in the U.K. in 2005. Switzerland, the band's latest album, was released stateside in the fall of 2006.


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Electric Six

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