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The music video for Drop Electric's "Blue Dream" features the first person perspective of a man going through his day. The song will appear on the band's new album Waking Up to the Fire, available October 22nd.

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Drop Electric is an experimental rock band based in Washington D.C. and NYC. Based in melody and distortion and deeply inspired by cinema, their live show is a combination of evocative music, unique vocals and narrative film.

In July 2012, they signed with Pusher Music, a specialized crew of artists creating music for trailers based in LA. They joined a roster of artists that includes DJ Shadow and Orbital.

They released their debut album in 2010, "Finding Color in the Ashes" at the Black Cat Mainstage in Washington, D.C. The album has been reviewed and or featured in The Washington Post, Mixtape Muse, Musigh, and a number of other fine publications.


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Drop Electric

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