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A statement video, of sorts. Department of Eagles signed Marcel Dzama and Patrick Daughters up to direct this surreal, conceptual musical for In Ear Park's "Nobody Does it Like You". Here two opposing armies face off on the field of battle...with disastrous consequences. Think the end of Reservoir Dogs, but on a grander scale. It's all brutal...beautifully brutal. And hey! If we can't get along on Earth, at least the after-life seems pretty groovy. - David Pitz

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Department of Eagles is a band formed in 2000 by friends and New York University (NYU) roommates Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and Fred Nicolaus. The roommates created music from collected samples, assembled into songs and recorded with pirated recording software and a microphone borrowed from their neighbor, Chris Taylor, who later became Rossen's bandmate in Grizzly Bear, as well as Department of Eagles' producer and recording engineer.



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Department of Eagles

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