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Danny Malone brings us a vision of how the rock star life needs to be lived in his video for 'Spiderlegs.'

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Unwilling to commit to genre, Malone seamlessly crosses lines between folk, indie, electro, even hip-hop, a mash-up of pop and lock with ballet set to 4 track instrumental indie post rock, (No Keys) a genre Malone categorizes as "future folk / sexy depression." Malone never takes himself too seriously and has enough off-kilter edge to pull it off. (Austin Chronicle)

Malones second full-length release, Balloons, was recorded in a haunted castle in Denmark, creating a magical atmosphere to unlock his "WTF mesmerizing" (Indie Sounds) brand of genius. Malone (who played all instruments) and producer Mattie Smith recorded all 10 songs in 10 days, each in a different room of the castle, using sounds that they found or created for all of the drum sounds, such as slamming a piano lid shut for the snare drum sound and stomping the floor for the bass drum. The result is "An emotional, powerful tour-de-force of vulnerable personal biography and insightful musings about life." (Music Worth Reviewing)


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Danny Malone

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