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Watch the scenesters hit the scene, and go underground in the Cold War Kids' video for "All This Could Be Yours," off their album Hold My Home

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Cold War Kids means International Blues. They began in August '04 with friends, jangly guitar, hand claps, and a Harmony amp in a storage room atop Mulberry Street restaurant in downtown Fullerton, CA. For the first practices, having instruments was secondary to stomping and chanting; clanging on heat pipes, thumping on plywood walls. Hollering into tape recorders. Slipping and swaying into alleyways and juke joints of yesteryear. Tapping in to the American dustbowl and British maritime. On the restaurant's roof the sound and feeling was cultivated and burned, built and hallowed out, painted and stripped to the primer.

Almost three years have passed and they haven't let up since the starting gun fired. The album Robbers & Cowards was released in the US in October '06 on Downtown and the rest of the world in February '07 on V2.

Cold War Kids strive to make honest songs about human experience in orchards and hotel rooms, laundromats and churches, sea ports and school halls.



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Cold War Kids

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