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The cool, dark, waves of Cold Cave's synthetic music have a way of massaging the brain to retreat to those areas reserved for the past. They're a soundtrack for nostalgia...like rummaging through some soggy brown boxes in the attic, or stumbling upon a long lost scrapbook. Naturally, the Philadelphia band set their video for "Love Comes Close" - the title track from their recently released debut album - to a flickering stock of video that plays like the grainy montage of a few choice moments (speeding cars, whooshing trains, NYC cityscapes, random social interactions) cut against a low key performance. - David Pitz

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Cold Cave is the moniker for the music of Wesley Eisold based in Los Angeles and New York City whose music is described as a "collage of darkwave, noise, and synth pop." Cold Cave was founded in 2007 by Wesley Eisold, former vocalist of hardcore groups Give Up the Ghost (previously known as American Nightmare), Some Girls. and Heartworm Press founder. Cold Cave represents Eisold's first venture into instrumentation.
After initial releases on Dais Records, Hospital Productions, What's Your Rupture?, and Eisold's own Heartworm Press, he signed to Matador Records, who re-released his self-released debut album, Love Comes Close, on November 3, 2009.




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Cold Cave

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