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Clara Mae's "Lost" is a stylish romantic adventure.

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Clara Mae is a gifted singer/songwriter who couples signature seductive vocals with raw and relatable lyrics producing a distinctive blend of electronic and pop music. Born in a small town up north in Sweden called Gvle, Clara grew up with music and sports around her. Athletics shaped an edge to her sporty aesthetic. She studied Jazz vocals and piano for 3 years, which ignited her passion for writing music and experiment with melodies. Her practice eventually led to a publishing deal and she moved to Stockholm to work full-time with music. Early in her career she got co-writes from some of the most dignified electronic artists David Guetta & Tiesto. Clara recently co-wrote and featured on Norwegian producers KREAMs single Taped Up Heart streaming over 75 million times. Clara has since pivoted her focus to writing for herself discovering the importance of her lyrics being used to tell her story. Clara Maes debut single as a solo artist Im Not Her, which arrives soon on Big Beat Records/ Atlantic, stems from the concept of relatability in relationships, and how every humans natural tendency is to compare ones self to their former partners new lover. Im Not Her is about embracing who you are, and be proud about the fact there is no one else like you. Claras music will continue to pay an ode to relatability as her career as a solo artist unfolds, revealing stories of love, lust and everything in between.


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Clara Mae

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