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Trio of brothers Chocolate Robots just put out a great debut record, PiZzA fAcE, which references the family pizza shop in which they were raised. Mike, Mutt, and Marcus Giresi describe their band as a "3 headed shape shifting quasi humanoid bound by Sicilian blood and an unquenchable thirst for hazed lasers and unending youth." That' pretty much says it all. Their sound combines the forms of 60s pop songs with wonky modern electronic noises to serve a very important purpose: making really fun music. Chocolate Robots' new track "Young Luff" puts to work all of the things that make the promising young band great. A driving beat, rough harmonies and surf rock guitar chords make "Young Luff" a perfect track to put in your summer jamz play list.

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Crafty pop from Sarnia, Ontario. The only thing better than their tunes in Sarnia is their pizza.



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Chocolate Robots

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