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Decking “Waving Flags” in little more than the cheap rags of random video montage, the first offering from British Sea Power’s forthcoming Do You Like Rock Music? certainly isn’t the most concise piece of art to cross our path. There is Yan, stalking the camera in slow motion. There is also Yan, recording something in a dingy basement. There is even Ursine Ultra – a ten foot bear usually only spotted at BSP shows…whom we presume is being played by Yan. But other than some additional scenic shots of Fort Tregantle, and a few other flag waving band members, that’s about it…though we’re certainly sold on the stratosphering anthem that is “Waving Flags”.

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A rather conceptual indie band -- one that's been compared more than once to Joy Division -- British Sea Power is a quartet from Brighton, England, comprising members named Hamilton, Noble, Yan, and Wood. Formed in late 2000, their live shows began to receive notice early on, thanks in no small part to the large stuffed birds that perched on stage and the militaristic uniforms worn by the band members. Rough Trade's Geoff Travis was taken aback by one of the group's (literally) wild performances and signed them; by the end of 2001, they had two singles in the racks: Fear of Drowning on Golden Chariot and Remember Me on Rough Trade. After an amazing showcase at SXSW in 2003, British Sea Power prepped for the fall release of The Decline of British Sea Power. Open Season follwed in 2005. The band recently released the Krankenhaus? EP in Oct. ’07 - allmusic.com


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