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Remember the first time you dimmed the lights, sat back with a bag of Doritos, and watched with wide-eyed wonder as The Wizard of Oz synched up near-flawlessly with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon? Even if you're a few decades too late to find that truly fascinating, there are a ton of other pseudosoundtracks out there to blow your mind. Some are hilarious, others are downright terrifying (Passion of the Christ set to Wilco's A Ghost is Born still gives me nightmares).

Well, British Sea Power has taken the phenomenon into their own hands. The English indie-rock band best known for their distortion-powered guitar-heavy music (imagine if The Walkmen spent some time across the pond) and their outrageous live shows occasionally featuring a ten-foot bear (check out the Baeble video!) is outdoing themselves yet again. The band has recorded a soundtrack to the re-release of the 1934 quasi-documentary Man of Aran, about fishermen on a bleak Irish island. The pairing is so brilliant, Roger Waters must be kicking himself for not thinking of it first.

If the video for "Come Wander With Me" is any indication, the result is equal parts strange and gorgeous. British Sea Power has toned down their sound, even approaching Sigur Ros at times, to create a brooding melody well-suited to the isolated seafaring life. Epic power ballads give way to epic trumpets that make the monochromatic scenes ethereal. If that's not enough to earn the project a permanent spot on your eccentric late-night movie shelf, this particular folk duet happens to be a cover of a song sung by actress Bonnie Beecher on a Twilight Zone episode of the same name. Far out. - Nina Mashurova

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A rather conceptual indie band -- one that's been compared more than once to Joy Division -- British Sea Power is a quartet from Brighton, England, comprising members named Hamilton, Noble, Yan, and Wood. Formed in late 2000, their live shows began to receive notice early on, thanks in no small part to the large stuffed birds that perched on stage and the militaristic uniforms worn by the band members. Rough Trade's Geoff Travis was taken aback by one of the group's (literally) wild performances and signed them; by the end of 2001, they had two singles in the racks: Fear of Drowning on Golden Chariot and Remember Me on Rough Trade. After an amazing showcase at SXSW in 2003, British Sea Power prepped for the fall release of The Decline of British Sea Power. Open Season follwed in 2005. The band recently released the Krankenhaus? EP in Oct. ’07 - allmusic.com


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