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Bear Hands are certainly a band that's been out there for a few years, making the rounds with their hands carefully cupped around all the promise in the world. They've been taking good care of that potential, neatly sculpting it to perfection, not revealing too much too soon. And the good news? 2010 just might be the year the Brooklyn based band have the opportunity to unveil their work to a larger audience, thanks in part to signing a recent album deal with Cantora Records.

We're not too sure when that album is due, but the band is giving away a sneak peak in the form of the digital files to their What A Drag EP (to be released on limited white vinyl this Feb. 16th), and a creative little video for the title track. The songs are available now on the band's website...just surrender your email address and it's yours. As for the video, it's a bit of a head scratcher in a way, with the band fleeing three women via a tractor-pulled wagon. True to title, the end is a bit of a drag. Think Thelma and Louise. - David Pitz

Artist Bio

In August 2006, Dylan Rau (vocals/guitar) brought together Ted Feldman (guitar), Val Loper (bass) and TJ Orscher (drums) in a small NYC practice space. The original plan was to flesh out some demos Rau had been working on but each quickly saw and heard the potential for a band; a band that would be unique sounding yet widely accessible.

Focusing on the rhythm and percussion that Orscher and Loper bring, they strive to bring the driving beat to the foreground and to marry it with the contemplative lyrics of Rau and inventive guitar lines of Feldman. This musical creativity combines and combats ideas set forth by pioneers of the rock genre.

Press has been off the hook for their debut 4 song ep Golden which was produced by Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Pelican) and for their live shows. During their many gigs on the East Coast Bear Hands have been fortunate enough to share the stage with bands such as MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Ambulance Ltd, The Honorary Title etc.


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Bear Hands

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