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Asiago's video for "Wake Up In A Fire" is a stunt project shot in one take in '12 C weather in Trondheim, Norway. Brrrr...

Artist Bio

Asiago was formed in Trondheim, Norway summer 2007 by five young men with experience from former and current Trondheim bands (such as Josephine, So-so slow and Monkfish). In January 2009, Asiago was joined by a sixth member, keyboardist Nikolai Sdahl.

Currently, Asiago are playing as many gigs as possible, while also creating and recording material in pre-production stages.

Asiago released their debut album 'A Daring Smoothie' in March 2010. Right now they are working on a new release, an EP. The single for this EP was released Februar 1st, called 'Wake Up in a Fire'.


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