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A stylish, soulful set of visuals from LA artist Alekesam, "It's Not You, It's Here" is a somewhat sensual video...something direct Jason Bergh alludes to. "This record is extremely artistic and reflective, and we wanted the video to capture the same vibe," says Bergh. "Our original intention was to take a single still image and bring it to life with feminine movements that were at times even out of focus and shot at 500 frames per second. Our hopes were that the viewer will feel the spirit of the song as well as be visually brought into its world without overpowering the senses with fast imagery or having the artist on screen. It's about the music right now."

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Given the opportunity to press pause on a thirty-nine year existence dedicated to celebrating the creativity of others, and finally look inside at what it is that YOU have to give What would you do? What would you make? What story would you tell? Selema Masekela decided hed make his record. He decided that the voices in his head and heart were not crazy and deserved to be heard. Decided to team up with his cousin Sunny Levine and a few trusted musicians in a small studio in Los Angeles and embark on a ten week adventure. Write songs and simply see what happened. The Sound of Alekesam is what happened! Alekesam is the black cowboy, riding a dolphin, from Venice Beach, CA by way of NY and San Diego. The Sound of Alekesam is the sound of a state of mind to the connoisseur of sound, an original sound. Hearing is truly believing, transporting, soundscaping. Hearing imagery, seeing sounds, a philosophy in sound. Its here, he is here, shoveling sunshine. Alekesam was formed in Venice, CA in the Spring of 2011.



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