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Starting off from the end of the "Dissolve" music video, Absofacto then gets in a car with Herizen and drives down the coast with the windows down in a passionate video for "Done With Love ft. Herizen".

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Absofacto is the solo project of songwriter/producer Jonathan Visger. Through a handful of unique projects, Visger became a fixture of Michigan's indie rock scene and in 2008 began recording his solo work under the Absofacto moniker, self-releasing singles and EPs via Bandcamp and on his own website. Fusing intelligent, often surrealist songwriting with a strong emotional core, he created a stylistically fluid sound that pulled from bedroom pop, art rock, and electronic music. In 2011, his catalog of early singles was compiled into an elaborate full-length release titled Sinking Islands. Subsequent releases included 2013's [Loners] EP as well as a series of stand-alone singles including "History Books" and "Dissolve," the latter of which went viral, topping the Hype Machine charts in 2015 and garnering millions of Spotify streams. In early 2017, Absofacto was featured on the song "Trouble" by New York EDM duo the Knocks. Having relocated to Los Angeles, Visger signed with Atlantic Records, which issued his next two singles, "Light Outside" and "Endless Summer," later that year.
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