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Emerging Country-Pop talent Abi pleases with the hook heavy "Boomerang."

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In her own words, she says, Im an honest, relatable and an empowering young woman. I am confident and sexy - not in a scandalous or revealing way - but because I take pride in my intelligence, creativity, power and appearance. I am by nature a care taker and share my emotions through song and conversation. Ultimately, I am an artist simply because thats the way I feel I can make an impact and at least help one person for the better.

Abis music has been shaped by the various experiences she has gone through so far in her life relationships, break-ups, traveling and performing for thousands of people while touring across the United States. Its real-life moments that she wouldnt trade for anything. I think that growing up in Texas, moving to LA, then to Nashville has dramatically helped me embrace all cultures, musics, etc. as well as be inspired by them, she says. Abi also credits her parents for encouraging her and being a part of her journey which included the ultimate tragedy of losing her father before she was a teenager. I think that gave me a redefined perspective on life, and it definitely enabled me to channel much deeper emotions than before into my craft.


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