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Roseanna, Alanna, and Jonathan Brown are a classically trained, insanely gifted rock trio called The Rua. Their music is powerful, their story inspiring. Have a look at our exclusive interview with the band.


just with music all the time and then other times it's just everybody in the room watching Netflix or things like that.
Trying to find an escape to myself. Where I'm... - Yeah and lot's of time there will be people over to visit.
So when we were growing up we went to Ireland quite a lot and we have lots of family over there and it's the same kind of thing at home where the door was always open and people just come in, turn up and it seems to be at our house that everybody comes over all at once.
- Either nothing's happening or everything is happening.
- Cup of tea and music will be played.
I think everyone's musical in our family.
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Everyone played instruments, did like competitions and things like that and it just kinda runs, maybe it just runs through the genes.
Everybody's-- - Runs in the family.
- Yeah it just, everyone plays stuff or sings or writes.
- It was the only time you were allowed to stay up late at night if you played music and like every Christmas and New Year there'd be like all the family 'round 30 guitars all playing different things.
And two pianos and everyone's singing, so yeah.
- So we all started playing together about four or five years ago.
Before that, we played individually and we were writing some songs on our own and still having lessons of musical instruments, but then four or five years ago decided to play together and write together.
When we're writing songs, sometimes it can be that we write them all together, or that somebody starts it off.
And then if they struggle another one can come in and help.
Or another one comes in and says, "You're doing that wrong.
" Try this instead.
- I think it depends on the song.
Like sometimes the song is written in half an hour and it's done.
And then other times I think it's good to go away, and then... - And leave it... - ...come back to it, or leave it and then they overhear what you're doing and then come in and go, "Oh I have a really good idea.
" 'Cause, you know, we work well together because we're... - Family.
- Sisters and brother, yeah.
If I stand up straight and hold my head higher.
If you understood, stand down.
Help me to see what you can see... - FOD, our record company, took us under their wing and they've been absolutely fantastic.
And not only are they a fantastic record company, but they allow us to do our own music, and develop us, which is, I think, fantastic.
- And they've brought in amazing people for us to work with.
Just like we've got Nigel Harrison who played bass in Blondie, and he's worked on the record, and Clive Deamer who's the drummer from Portishead and Radiohead.
And then Mikey Roe who's done keyboards and everything for like Oasis, and Mick Jagger and people like that.
So it's phenomenal the amount of people they've brought in to work with us.
It's great.
- And so it's changed as well quite a lot from when we were sitting in our living room, as we still do.
- We still sit in the living room.
- Write the songs, start writing them out and then just having them develop with these people as well.
Too much has gone your way to believe in what you say... - I think Fight for What's Right is a very powerful song.
I think it will connect to a lot of people.
And it connects to us.
Like it was the last song that we wrote and I think we're all very emotionally connected with it. And I just... it's just got a vibe about it.
So wait and see.
Won't try again, said goodbye again, running from sight... - You can take different things out of it, so whether it's fighting for... - Love.
- Independence.
Love or just so many different things that you can pull from it.
So when we wrote it, we had several different tracks of mind.
- So the video was split.
It's split screen with three things and mine was looking at bullying.
Alanna's was looking at people protesting and then Roseanna's was looking at how children can take... - Bad habits of their parents.
- Influences.
- Yeah, influences.
- Yeah, influences of their parents.
- Yeah so, in that way each of us had our own kind of story going on as well.
So people can identify hopefully to different parts and it just shows that there's such a wide range that... - A lot of people will be able to connect to it in their own way they need to.
And we shot the video for that in New York and that was great fun.
Like they blocked off a street for us and we had like our own cop there.
And it was so much fun filming in a city that's so diverse and so amazing, yeah.
very well.
- Fitted the song really well.
Fight for what's right.
Won't try again, said goodbye again, out of my mind.
Left alone again, on my own again.
- Hi, we're The Rua, and you're watching Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

The RUA a biography

You won't forget the first time you heard The Rua. It will be on a day such as this when nothing feels right and it seems like as good an idea as any to fill the silence with reason. Songs very rarely make you stand up and sing but Fight For Whats Right and Stand Out and Into The Crowd and Follow just might. And you could stand here all day and say that The Rua sound like this and The Rua sound like that but it wouldn't get you anywhere you'd still be standing up and singing.
Rua means essence of a group or at least, we found a meaning from the Hebrew word Ruah with an h at the end and we really liked it but we didnt like the h - and the essence of The Rua are all members of the same family: 22 year old year old chanteuse Roseanna Brown provides voice and guitar, 24 year old Alanna Brown is responsible for piano and backing vocals and 19 year old Jonathan Brown plays violin and guitar and provides vocals and backing vocals. Of course, a further investigation of rua reveals that the word has a myriad of Gaelic connections and certainly the band have Irish blood flowing through their collective veins. Having said that, The Rua all live in the same house near Windsor , England and yes, you guessed it, theyve spent most New Year and Xmas holidays back in the Emerald Isle. And, no, theyre not the new Monkees.

Aside from the fact they all live together, The Rua also have a theatrical background: Alanna has appeared in the film Closer as well as no less than four Harry Potter movies whilst all of them appeared in Stormbreaker and Roseanna - whos appeared in three Harry Potter films - also appeared in Snow White and The Huntsman and the Thor movie. And perhaps if we also mentioned that Jonathan appeared in one of the Harry Potters (as well as Dark Shadows) then we can understand why you might want to refer to them as HP4, HP3 and HP1. But were not going to do this. Ever.

The Rua are all classically trained pianists, violinists, singers - and their membership of many established choirs means that they have a standard and always listen to each other. Roseanna has a degree in Music from Royal Holloway - although all studied music at A Level and Alanna has a degree and Masters in Science - but before you start thinking that this must be some kind of operatic outfit lets get one thing clear: The Rua are an outlandishly-epic, indie version of bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Cranberries and the kind of band that hits the Coldplay/Snow Patrol nerve before youve even gotten as far as their exceptional choruses. So yes, we have to say it: theyre going to sell millions.

And so to the songs - which are all co-written - on the bands debut album Essence: opener Fight For Whats Right is about having a belief and letting people know youre going to stick to it; the colossal Stand Out is about a family friend who sadly died but throughout her illness selflessly encouraged the Brown enfants to be themselves and follow their dreams; Without You is about being independent and knowing that you can trust in yourself to get on with your own life; Into The Crowd is about those that surprise you in ways that you wouldnt think possible; and best of all, Follow, is a song about letting go of others who want to follow another path and, perhaps, if you will, a The Rua version of Fleetwood Macs 'Go Your Own Way.

In an era where manufactured pop is considered to be the height of creative ambition, a band like The Rua might be considered something of an anachronism. Except, of course, that if anything, The Rua beat the X Factor wannabes at their own game: they craft beautiful and epic tunes out of their own non-artificial artfulness. Live and on record the band are completed by ex Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison - co-writer of One Way Or Another and Union City Blues amongst other Blondie gems - and Portishead drummer Clive Deamer whos also drummed with Radiohead, Roni Size and Siouxsie Sioux amongst others. Naturally, apart from absolutely destroying the average age of the band, they provide a unique, possibly symbiotic backdrop to this essential rock group a band youre going to remember for a long, long time.



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