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Snoh Aalegra knows everything there is to know about her homeland's, storied pop past. The stunning, 28 year old Swedish singer can play a wicked game of connect the dots, linking ABBA to Ace of Base to Max Martin. But when she talks of her own music, there's a break in the connection with Sweden's bright and bubbly, radio-ready past. Snoh Aalegra is perfecting a different kind of pop; something darker, more melancholy, but ultimately, unquestionably beautiful.


I choose to wear my heart on my sleeve.
When it comes to my music I'm very bare and naked and that's where I feel like I connect with people fastest.
If you want to get to know me listen to my music.
If you're trying to get to know me on a personal level it'll take some time.
I think why my music has a lot of melancholy is because of experience and I'm drawn to it.
I find it beautiful.
I'm a very emotional person.
I cry easily.
My music is reflecting my personality and it's very honest.
That's why it sounds the way it does.
Music that actually moved me, moved my soul, that made me want to become a singer was hearing voices like Whitney Houston, Maria Carey, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, all those greats.
I was really inspired by artists with big voices so that's how I started singing.
And then, later on, started listening more to all types of genres.
The writing of Lauren Hill really inspired me.
That's when I got into song writing more and more.
My musical journey has been so long so I've dealt with all types of situations from being signed when I was 14 and having a really good relationship with that label at the time.
They were developing me and making me be free.
That was my activity after school.
I was always in the studio writing.
But then I've been in other situations as well where I've signed contracts without legal advising, been stuck in bad deals, people telling what to do, what to wear, how to sing, what to say in interviews, just turning me into something I"m not.
Everyone gets gets shaped from what they go through in life and it's hard to brush off certain insecurities of not trusting people in the industry.
So it was really important for me to find a team of people that I could finally trust and do what I want to do with.
People that could see my true vision as an artist and I finally found that.
"There Will be Sunshine" is the title track off my EP.
I just thought it would suit to be the title because it just sums up the theme of the EP and also the album, which I would say is it's about the struggle of being strong, you know? Going through all these things in my musical journey.
And "There Will Be Sunshine" is probably one of the most personal pieces I've written.
It's about coming to peace with certain things that happened to me in my life that I will never get the answers to.
You just have to accept certain things and be positive and keep a good spirit.
So that's what 'There Will Be Sunshine is about.
I want to love him but what if he hurts me? I would say my music is cinematic.
I was really inspired by listening to soundtracks to films growing up as well.
Faith, like broken hearts Warm like mothers arms That's why why I'm so into big choirs and string arrangements and you hear a lot of pads in my songs because I grew up listening to that and I wanted to bring that cinematic feel into my sound.
So what if I'm emotional? I feel it in my bitter bones I need somebody to hold me I write all my songs myself, or co-write my songs usually.
But I didn't write "Emotional" but I heard the demo and I felt like I had to record it.
It just spoke to me and it was about something that I was going through at that exact moment.
It's really important for me that I can stand for what I'm singing.
If somebody else can help me sing my story that's amazing.
I want to love him But what if he hurts me So there is, from Wu Tang, produced "Emotional" and he's another Hip Hop legend, just as No ID.
I don't know how I got to work with all these Hip Hop legends, but I feel really blessed.
They also happen to be very wise people.
I'm not over you I'm just a puppet... I got to work with amazing director Sarah Chatfield and Paul Laufer as my director of photography and I wanted to work with him for a long time.
It was just really amazing to capture the performance.
We didn't think too much during that video, making the video.
It was all about me just being free and performing and having fun with it.
...wanted somebody to hold me Oh I need your body to tell me... Music becomes the soundtrack to your life, And I connect certain songs to certain memories.
I think we all do.
I wish that some of my music can be somebody's special moment in their life, and they can have a beautiful memory alongside with my music.
The greats I'm around right now, that I've been blessed to have in my team, people I work with, legendary people, they are sharing their gift with me.
They do it because they feel responsibility for the culture, for the music.
That's just very inspiring to me to know I have a responsibility as well.

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Snoh Aalegra is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. She is a part of the Artium family and works under the wings of music producer No ID.



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