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Last month, our friends at Cutty Sark invited us to capture an evening of insidious happenings at Brooklyn Bowl as part of the inaugural Cutty Sark Presents Series. There was booze, there was bowling, and most importantly, there were bands. Incredible bands, actually, each bringing their own unique offering of electric energy to the stage.

Before kicking off the show, we had the chance to catch up with Brooklyn trio Slothrust. Specializing in melting faces with guitar heroics, guitarist/singer Leah Wellbaum, drummer Will Gorin, and bassist Kyle Ban bulldozed the audience with a set of songs from their album, Of Course You Do, paying tribute to the grunge, garage, and punk rock ghosts of yesteryear. In addition to talking about their sound, the band also told us about that loveable band name of theirs', their passion for the grind of a life on the road, and even their favorite local dive bar.

Cutty Sark is gearing up for another 3 band offering of music on Tuesday June 30th, with Small Black, Widowspeak, and Eternal Summers are slated to take Brooklyn Bowls stage as part of the latest Cutty Sark Presents. Get tickets HERE.


- This really awesome whiskey brand called Cutty Sark put together a night of sick bands.
I try my best to hide that I cared But you got me wrong, yeah you got me wrong, yeah you got me wrong - People either love our band name or hate our band name.
We definitely had people say that they wouldn't listen to us because they didn't like the band name.
They hated it so much.
Light hurts my eyes... - I don't know.
I used to make music under the name Slothbox, and you know, big fan of sloths.
Time passed.
Liked the way the word looked.
- Whenever we play, I'm always thinking about the basement in the Rosemoor, like where we first like started having band practice, so I'm always back in the basement and then I like look up and there's like a whole bunch of people there, and I'm always surprised.
I'm like, "Holy shit," like where do all these people come from? - We really like to play, really like to tour.
I like that energy interaction with different audiences and different cities.
- Just want everyone to have a good time and listen to the music.
Will you regurgitate some worms into my mouth Will you regurgitate some worms into my mouth - In the past two years I have worked at the Trash Bar.
It's one of the last remaining dives in New York City that's like a true, or in Brooklyn at least... it is a true fucking dive.
We are not kidding at the Trash Bar.
We're not kidding at all.
There's no joke about it.
- I love scotch, so I totally drink Cutty Sark.
- My favorite way to drink Scotch is on the rocks.
- Shit's gonna get weird man.

Artist Bio

Led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Leah Wellbaum, Brooklyns Slothrust is a rock band of musicians from the jazz/blues tradition who sound nothing like jazz musicians playing rock. Beneath the know-how their aesthetic is punk-as-fuck. How perfect, right? You get the zap without the Zappa, not a lot of Yes but a load of Oh Hell Yeah! Slothrusts musicianship sneaks up on you, because the first thing that grabs you is how insanely catchy these songs are. Then you realize that it all comes down to the fact that they play fearlessly and full of tenacity. Rock 'n Roll.

Formed amidst the ashes of Leahs solo project, entitled Slothbox ("The box rusted," she explainsobvs!) Slothrust was forged with drummer Will Gorin and bassist Kyle Bann. With the added dynamics of a tight, powerful and funky rhythm section, Slothrust is a forceful trio as unsettling and capricious as their name. We now have Of Course You Do, the bands label debut and follow-up to their 2012 self-released full-length, Feels Your Pain.

With her deep, charismatic vocals, most reminiscent of Nico with the edge of Isaac Brock circa '97, Wellbaum sings about alienation, awkwardness and absurdity, and damn if she doesnt make it all sound kind of fun. "Crockpot" is a dark, yet funny and irreverent take on the struggle for human connection in a society built to make us feel isolated: "Some men purchase real dolls / to fill the void / But she dont finish dinner and her expression never changes / Dont shake hands with the lonely kids cause I hear that shits contagious". "Juice" is a paean to realizing the limits of self-improvement: "My name is Leah and I drink juice every morning when I wake up but its no use, Im unwell". She evokes feeling while sounding despondent, all the while with catchy melodies pulling off Stephen Malkmus Pavement-era feats of writing and delivery. On top of the solid writing and rhythm section, her playing style ranges from simple eloquence to hard-edged, aggressive guitar solos.



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