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We recently asked Radical Dads some very serious, rock journalist questions. They wanted no part in our very serious rock and roll conversation. A bit of a snarky spree erupted instead.


- I just found out that these kids are starting a band called Rad Dad Club.
And so, I don't know, they might have to take the flame...maybe we'll join that band. - I fell like we started right before there was a...there was something about dads in the collective consciousness of the world.
- Yeah, there's been a dad experiment.
- We were like right before that-- - Just post Wolf.
- Yeah, and Wolf and Crystal.
Epic Dad is new.
- Yeah.
- Then the dads epic started.
- Pretty sure that we started it.
- We started it.
I think we did.
- And now it looks like old and corny, 'cause everyone has that same name.
- Yeah, Something everyone can relate to.
- That's true.
- They do, they just might not know who it is.
- Some have lady dads.
- Well this is actually a Brooklyn inspiration, because you may have walked past the sign that you read that said Rapid Reality, but you mistakenly read that.
It's actually rapid realty.
And Robby made that same mistake and a... - It was a mistake.
- ...happy accident was born. - It is clever turn.
- And aren't we all living a rapid reality? - And then Lindsay wrote a song called Rapid Reality.
- I mean c'mon.
We live in New York.
- Took hold.
We actually have a new album that's about to come out in the fall, and it's gonna be called Universal Coolers.
- We're worried about global warming.
- Yeah.
- So we're gonna try to put a cool spell on the planet.
- A winter refrigeration.
- Yeah.
- Every song is about Brooklyn.
From the look of our food, to the flattering jeans, to the ferry that takes you across to Manhattan-- - To the Marine Layer.
- The Marine Layer that's moving upon us right now.
- Our first practice space was near the Gowanus Canal.
And for a while I think our music was very influenced by the canal and its super fun status.
- Yeah the guy on our first cover, we kind of think of him as emerging- a sludge monster emerging from the Gowanus Canal.
We like living here.
- You can play a lot of shows.
- A lot of venues.
- Yeah, a lot of bands to come through.
So there's a lot of...there's a lot going on musically, which is good and bad-- - It makes you feel bad every single night that you're not out at a show.
- You could never go to all the shows.
- Enough shows.
- Right.
Usually the night that you're playing a show, there'll be another show that you actually want to go to.
- More than playing-- - Right, more than playing you can actually go to it.
- I feel like it's good to do non-band things as much as possible.
I feel like it's better when you have to like squeeze in the band stuff, and then you have to like come out in a very focused burst of goodness. So I think we try to...we generally fill our time with other stuff.
- Friends first, band-mate second.
- Yeah.
- Radical Dads.
- Oh there's a yacht coming by right now.
This is actually our yacht we have to go.
- Yeah.
- Oh man.
This is what Radical Dads is really all about.
- That's my prom.
- Thanks Skyline Princess.
- Our dream is to play at the Skyline Princess someday.
- Hi, can we- no do that.
Yeah I think that's good.
Hi, we're Radical Dads and you're watching Baeble Music.
- Baeble Music, Babe Music.
- Can we do it one more time? - That was already perfect.
- Do the same thing.
- You can cut them together.
- Hi, we're Radical Dads and you're watching Baeble Music.
- Music.
- Yes.

Artist Bio

Radical Dads is a band that sounds like standing next to a body of water and noticing that something is moving just underneath the surface and then realizing that actually nothing is moving, its just that your glasses are broken and you have no idea how it happened. Also your elbow is scraped up and you think something just caught on fire in the distance you can see the glow and smell it a little. There is a junkyard nearby, where something is about to happen, or is already happening.

Radical Dads features Lindsay Baker on guitar #1 and vocals. Chris Diken plays guitar #2. Robbie Guertin plays the drums and also sings. Theyve been friends for 15 years and started Radical Dads in 2008.

The bands first album, Mega Rama, was released by Uninhabitable Mansions in June of 2011.

Radical Dads live in Brooklyn, practice in Gowanus, and currently concern themselves with amplification and the anthropomorphism of marine life.



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