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In addition to capturing an alluring performance during their soundcheck at The Music Hall of Williamsburg, we also caught up with Channy and Chris from Polica to discuss the band's conception, sound, and new album, Shalamith.


aggravated in a positive way just by the amount of sound coming out of our band.
Like two drummers and bass are very stimulating to me as a performer and will get me excited.
We play off each other and kind of go back and forth.
I also come from, like before I sang, I did theater and I like the theater.
We all, I think, enjoy thinking about the performance as creating a world on stage.
Kind of making our music come alive is important to all of us.
Then to have fun on stage and to make it worth our time as well, you know, to like get something out of it personally.
Polica's music kind of marries that as well, because we have this conflict between sort of soft and smooth with, obviously, very harsh and intense sounds from two drummers and kind of some aggressive tones musically fighting with softer tones, sweeter kind of sounding stuff.
- I agree.
- The title of the record and the subject matter of the record is coming from like the perspective of, or coming from being a woman, or like the brutality, the kind of gruesomeness of being a woman, the dichotomy between like beautification and blood that carries through a woman's life until she dies.
together by our producer, Ryan Olson.
Him and Channy were writing tracks together and they wanted to get a heavy, hitting, rhythm team behind them.
So they asked me to play bass and Ben and Drew to play the double drum kits.
- He was kind of like the leader in the sense that he builds the sounds that the rest of us react to.
Justin Vernon has a studio outside of his home.
Drew, our drummer, and Ryan Olson, the producer of Polica, they all grew up with Justin in Eau Claire.
Longtime friend, Drew and Justin, used to go watch Ryan's band, Sled Napkin, play in high school when they were like 14, so those guys know each other for a long time.
So it was just a pretty natural thing.
A lot of our friends record there and it's a really sweet kind of get away outside the city.
The huge metropolis of Minneapolis is so busy that we've just got to getaway, so that's why it's friends, you know.
like a cabin getaway and we, you know, get to cook dinner, sit down, and spend some time with each other, as much as, we are just recording a record.
- We're all influenced by, I think, really different music and then we're also very much influenced by each other.
Chris and I play off of each other a lot.
If I lay down a vocal line onto a track and then Chris lays bass over it, it will often happen that I will re-record vocals based on like what the bass and drums do on top of my vocals.
I'm kind of reacting back to them, so we are greatly inspired, I think, or largely inspired by each other and by kind of this assembly line of reaction and kind of collaging off of each other.
- I think Police is a band that is a good representation of what goes on in the scene in Minneapolis.
- We all played music in Minneapolis in different bands and saw each other playing in those bands, a small scene.
- Because everyone's kind of interested in what everyone else is doing and very supportive really.
And we like to collaborate.
You know, I know so many people who are in four or five bands and so, I mean, when you are kind of spreading yourself out across a bunch of different genres, really exciting things can happen.
You know, I grew out of like a noise, punk band and now I'm playing like, you know, electronic, double drum, synth stuff.
- Hey, I'm Channy.
- I'm Chris.
- And we're from Policia and you're watching Baeble Music.

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Minnesota natives Ryan Olson and Channy Leaneagh play dreamy electronica with a penchant for autotune. Founded in 2011, they have released one album, Give Up The Ghost, which was met with critical acclaim.



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