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Once a 5 member Christian band that veered away from mentioning drugs and sex,Pattern Is Movement is now a 2 member band that has embraced the world of rock, hip hop and pop music. Pattern Is Movement's most recent album, All Together, proves that the band has come along way, with the songs conveying each genre the band had once dabbled in. - Lonnie Nemiroff

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Originally a five piece group that formed in 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pattern Is Movement, would -- over time -- whittle itself down to a duo (Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward) that specialized in quasi math rock wall of sound type of stuff. Their first album, The (Im)possibility of Longing, was released on NFI in 2004, and was followed by Stowaway in 2005. The group then snagged a release deal with indie label Hometapes for their third full length ‘appearance'. By the time of 2008's All Together, the group was down to the aforementioned pair, and their resulting work garnered great praise from many different corners of the music world. - all music


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Pattern is Movement

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