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Paperwhite are Katie and Ben Marshall; a brother/sister duo from Brooklyn NY. Like fellow borough bands St. Lucia and Haerts, the Marshall's offer sweet, synthy goodness that hits the ears like a desperately needed cold drink somewhere warm and beautiful. The band recently released an EP dubbed Magic. Though Ben's been at it for a bit (he also plays drums in Savoire Adore), Katie is fresh out of school. Paperwhite is her first serious music project.

The band recently swung by our place to perform a few songs from the new EP. As is often the case with our sessions, Katie and Ben took things in a slightly different sonic direction, trading synths for our slightly wonky (yet no less charming) baby grand, and programmed beats for the campfire romp of the house cajon.

Before we release the full, 3 song set on you, nibble on a snippet of the performance in our profile on the duo. Here, we learn how a band walk the delicate line between family and bandmates...which is apparently not as hard as some might think. The key is probably that the creative partnership clicks. "Our musical concepts are similar and we have complementary skills," Katie told us. "It's really easy to work together". "We don't think about it that much...that we're siblings," Ben adds. "We are together every day...writing and working on music".

Have a look at the full interview, a quick snippet of the full-length session (coming Thursday) and do be sure to check out the EP, Magic.


- Katie and I are brother and sister.
We grew up playing music together.
I think...we had an older brother as well, Sam, who...we played in bands a lot together but Katie was never as involved in that stuff.
And then out of nowhere she just sort of had this music that she was writing and I was like "Hey, this is amazing.
Where does this come from?" And that's, I think, when I started trying like produce the music a little bit and help you like arrange it fully and all that stuff.
- I'd just been mostly doing my own music.
Just writing, forming, playing piano and doing kind of gigs.
I was really into more of like a the Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple kind of style for a while.
And so, I'd either play alone or have a couple of band members through the years.
But after I just graduated school in May, 2013.
So pretty much right after that I started working on Paperwhite.
And so that's been my first serious project.
- It's weird like we don't think about it that much, that we're siblings.
We never really had that sibling rivalry or anything like that, and it's pretty natural for us to just-- We kind of are together pretty much every day for at least 4 hours, up to 8 hours, just writing and working on music, answering emails, whatever, and it doesn't really... it feels natural.
- When you think about it, it seems weird.
But it, yeah... Our musical concepts are similar and we have complimentary skills.
And so, it's really easy to work together.
- So, I'm more like the producer, arranger, I think.
And Katie is more the songwriter.
Although, like a lot of times I'll maybe start a chord progression, and then Katie would come up with melody or lyrics over the top of that.
Or viceversa, or Katie would say like "I like had a dream and I wrote a song and it was just a drum beat and like a melody over top of it" and I "Ok, how does the drum beat go? Let's program it" - Right.
We have a lot of notes.
I have a lot of lyrical notes in my phone or voice memos.
Just little ideas walking down the street or in the middle of the night and, just kind of share them with each other.
- I think that may have been a misheard lyric on my part.
- It was a misheard lyric.
- Which is kind of funny.
Katie, I mean it was very early on when we were writing this song "Magic".
You sang something just like a very non-sensical... Like it wasn't words.
It was just a melody idea.
And I think I thought you're saying "Give me some of your magic", and then Katie just really liked that line I think and we built the song around that.
But that was a song that really connected with a lot of people and it meant a lot to us because it sort of gave us a confidence to do everything that we did in the past year so, to name the EP, that just felt right.
- So it's really kind of like a-- - Evolution.
- Yeah, a snapshot of the past year more than anything.
We had a few more songs even that we wanted to add to that.
So, I don't know, maybe there's a full-length coming soon.
Soon enough we have enough music that we are hiding at the moment.
- I mean, artistically, we would love to put out a full-length or at least another EP in the near future.
Just because, you know, the song -- We're finally getting our groove, our style together.
So, we really want to put together a whole package that works and that has a feel and a theme in this world that we're creating but-- - We just want to make sure that we do it the right way.
- Hey guys, we're Paperwhite.
- And you're watching Baeble music.
- Thanks for laughing, I mean...

Artist Bio

Paperwhite, brother sister Katie and Ben Marshall are a Dream-Pop duo from Brooklyn, NY. Katie is the singer and songwriter of the band. Her sophisticated melodies bounce from star to star in a lush galaxy of synthesized textures. Ben, also the drummer for Brooklyn band Savoir Adore, is the producer and co-writer. Theyre nostalgic synth riffs shimmer above heart felt chord changes and hypnotic pounding drums. With four singles to date, and a debut EP Magic" they've had nothing but enormous love from the blogosphere. Receiving the Hypem title "Most Blogged Artist twice in a row, Paperwhite is a band worth keeping an eye on.



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