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Back in May we got the chance to line up some of our favorite bands for the 2014 BK Half Marathon Pre Party, sponsored by New Balance , including Brooklyns own Oberhofer. Oberhofer is the noise pop project of Brad Oberhofer, who we held hostage for a few minutes over the East River to pick his brainy, brain, brain. The kids got vision, drive, and green nail polish—which we forgot to ask him about. We did, however, talk about crazy wacko weirdos from LA, the goofy nature of this cartoon life, Brads perfectionism, and 4/20 (you know, International Grandmothers Day). Oberhofer is a premium combination of indie rock and dance punk, and Brad Oberhofer is a premium combination of totally fucking silly and dead fucking serious.

About New York Road Runners' Brooklyn Half Pre Party
For three days leading up to the New York Road Runners' Brooklyn Half on May 17,
runners and their supporters gathered at the brand-new Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge
Park to pick up race materials, get psyched, and had a good time at the Brooklyn
Half Pre-Party presented by New Balance.

There was plenty of energy, including music curated by Baeblemusic, DJ's, and
fitness classes run by New York Health and Racquet Club. Runners got their
participant T-shirts and bibs and enjoyed authentic Brooklyn food, drinks, and

For more info about the Brooklyn Half, click HERE
For more info about NYRR, click HERE


You're pushing me away from you And there's nothing I can do And I can't fight of all your battles for you are going to be on the next record.
It's sort of like a little preview, a little glimpse into maybe what you'll see next.
But what you'll see next is a little bit crazier.
You know, the album is more, you know, it's more experimental in some ways, and you know, different in other ways.
But you know, it's still songs that I'm writing and that the band's putting together.
And you know, it still sounds like a bunch of songs that I wrote.
You know? Straight from my brainy brain.
The band has gone on a worldwide tour and done some exciting things, but we've taken about a year's pause to work on a new record.
I've recorded a couple of different records.
None of them are quite up to snuff, and we're perfecting our second full-length right now.
And I'm going to make sure it's as perfect as it can be.
We're going to be mostly in New York for the summer and we're finishing this new record.
I'm flying down to L.
at the end of the month and I'm going to meet up with all kinds of crazy wacko weirdos that are in L.
And I'm going to talk to them about stuff.
I don't even know what I'm talking to them about.
And we're going to work on you know, like just coming up with crazy ideas.
And you know, I'm going to try to incorporate some interesting people maybe on the album or like in the future.
You know, just make this record perfect.
That's all I'm doing this summer.
I don't care what it takes.
I don't care what I have to do.
I don't care if I have to like, find some orchestra for hire and panhandle until I have like, the funds to like, get them to play something.
You know, I don't really care.
I'm just going to spend all my time working on it until it's good enough.
I want to say that recently it was 4/20, and every 4/20 is International Grandmother's Day for me.
Because, 4/20 two years ago was the day that my grandma passed away, and I think about her every 4/20 every year.
And you've already got reasons to think about 4/20 because everyone thinks it's like, or it is a crazy weed holiday, but it's also Grandmother's Day.
So think about your grandmother every 4/20.
You know, life is a big cartoon and everything is really goofy, really wacky.
And when it's not goofy, it's still wacky.
You know? You're pushing me away from you And there's nothing I can do And I can't fight all of your battles for you You're pushing me away from you Oh and I know what I'll do I'll get you right Give you a ride I'll get you right Give you a ride I'll get you right Give you a ride Outta town

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When your songs are too big to be contained: form a band. Maybe call it after your family name because you like the way it sounds (sh*t, if it worked for Bon Jovi then who's to argue). Record those songs in the basement of your parents' house in Tacoma. When that burns down, shake it off and move to New York. Find a new band to play with, start working on a symphony (no really, do it), mix your newfound formal training with the noisy exuberance of youth. Get raucous. Jambase



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