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Travis and Nick from Night Riots sit down and discuss the dark, macabre vibes that inform their music and the excitement of being in a band just starting to take off.


lately when we're asked to describe the sound.
It's kind of a silly name but I think it kind of fits us well because we, at heart, we're an alternative rock band, we're pop music.
Oh my heart, oh my heart, could it be right.
You heaven, my heaven.
For your love, for your love.
In the moonlight.
You heaven But there's always this vein of darkness that kind of runs through.
And it's a little bit of this gloom kind of thing.
Even though a lot of the messages are very positive.
It kind of hovers in the sound.
Two in a crowd.
I feel your desire.
Two in a crowd.
I feel your desire.
Two in crowd.
I feel your desire as darkness or gloom too, it's not necessarily the darkness in the sense of like, goth or depressed, or something.
It's sort of the Halloween, mischievous sort of darkness.
Where it's not like scary, like ooh, you know like, creepy, like murdery stuff.
So, I think that just comes from who we are, what we find funny and how life can be in a certain way.
You know, it can be dark, but humorous at the same time.
Tim Burtonesque style, things like that.
He captures that well.
It's just something that's always come out in the music that we've written, has always been there.
I think that's just kind of part of who we are or who we've been.
Two in crowd.
I feel your desire.
Two in a crowd.
I feel your desire we are working on a song it's kind of always developing a sound scape.
I think, at least for me personally, when I write it always kind of starts there.
And, you know, trying to build a picture.
So, yes, I guess we are, we're always making movies in our heads.
Bones rust decay and mold.
Head first, it is what it is for a while and went separate ways before we came back and started doing this.
And to be able to do it now with my, like, same best friends that I've had and actually see people, you know, taking interest and coming to shows and enjoying it.
It's like, it is, it's a huge compliment.
It's like the best feeling you could have because you know, I get to hang out with my friends now and play music and people actually care about it.
It kind of feels like a joke, or I'm like tricking people.
- While it's extremely fun to be out on the road it's also exhausting.
I mean, you're going on like three hours of sleep a night because you stay out late.
You have to pack your stuff, then people want to hang out and you're going to stay ouy all night.
And you have to wake up early because you're going to go do press things or you have to drive 10, 15 hours.
I can't imagine being in a band with anybody else.
I can't imagine bands that are with people that they don't like.
So we're really fortunate in that aspect.
- Part of it, we say a lot, like sometimes we get asked what advice would you give to a band.
Part of it, I would say, is getting along with your members.
You could have the best singer or guitar player in the world and they could be a total asshole and it ruins the band.
It doesn't matter how talented they are.
If you can't be a van with them for 10 hours and then sleep in the tiniest room ever with them and constantly be around them then you're band's going to fall apart.
I am breaking down.
I am nothing.
I am no one's fault.
I am contagious.
I am plagued with lies.
Flesh of our fathers I am no one's fault - Howl is our, I guess, it's our debut on our label Sumarian that we recently signed with.
And, you know, it's the first time that we got to put together a snapshot of time that we were really proud of the music.
It's the first time everything kind of came together.
It just kind of came on exactly how we wanted the EP to sound.
It's not necessarily ever been quite that way.
You know, there's always been some stuff, like I wish these songs were a little bit different or something like blended together.
I think it's the first piece of work that we're really proud of.
And it's made us just excited to want to put out a full length album.
We're like, we just want to get ready more and get back into the studio.
I am contagious I am plagued with lies - Hey, we're Night Riots and you're watching Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

NIGHT RIOTS is setting the alternative underworld ablaze as swift and smartly as their brooding, melody rich and timeless songs have already endeared them to critics. The California based band shimmers with the downbeat romantic flair of new wave, '80s movie soundtracks and the gentlemanly courting of aloof ladies.

Generations, both new and old, hip to intelligent, transcendent pop music like The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, Oingo Boingo, Siouxsie & The Banshees and early U2 embrace Night Riots knack for melodic sensibility, which is delivered with a unique stamp both modern and timeless.

Frontman Travis Hawley spent five years in England before moving to a small coastal town (with one street light!) where he met guitarists Nick Fotinakes and Matt DePauw, bassist Mikel Van Kranenburg and drummer Rico Rodriguez. Heralded as one of the best unsigned bands in North America by Rolling Stone, Night Riots earned their stripes on the road supporting a diverse group of bands, including Angels & Airwaves, The Script, Shiny Toy Guns, Wild Cub and the newly reunited Saosin. A residency at L.A.s Hemingways followed buzz-making shows at celebrated clubs like The Troubadour.

Tastemaker rock station KROQ threw their support behind the band via their Locals Only events, with early praise coming from the likes of MTV, Fuse and Nylon Guys. The impressive creative heft of the Spiders single and Young Lore EP was just the warm-up. Its time for the music world to make a place at the table for NIGHT RIOTS.




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