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Alex and Sam from Boston-based, indie popsters Magic Man take you behind the curtain in this extended interview companion to their recent session with us.


- This is Alex and Sam from Magic Man and you're watching Baeble Music.
It's been a while and I've been alone and you've been the only thing I've known Born in the South, at home in the North We could be anywhere you want - The first songs were just Alex and myself on my laptop.
We were traveling together in France and just writing songs to pass the time.
The beginnings of Magic Man were kind of very DIY.
- We've been playing music and we've been playing in bands since we were in middle school.
Our first band was called Yello Sno.
- No W's.
- No W's, just real basement punk rock and then we were in other bands in high school, so we always knew we loved it and we learned the guitar together and we were always super passionate about it but I think when we went to college, I don't think either of us expected we would be full time musicians when we graduated.
Sam was a graphics design major, I was a psychology major.
We both started doing our own thing and then by the end of college, our first album started getting some traction and we got signed to Columbia.
All of the sudden, it became feasible to really, really do it.
So it was like a dream come true that we never thought would.
Remember the night we slept on the roof? I didn't sleep much to tell the truth Now we're the sand caught in the tide We laugh until we cry Won't you cover my skin with your sunkissed light - The coolest thing to happen to Magic Man so far? Every cool thing that happens to us feels like the next coolest thing.
Like, when we got free Taco Bell.
The first time we got a card that had a lot of free Taco Bell money, I was like this is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me.
I feel like, looking back now, I'm like that was not that great.
I think we could do better than that.
No, I love Taco Bell.
- One of my favorite moments recently was, we're all from Boston and we played at Boston College Music Festival.
It's right in Government Center by City Hall in Boston.
It's like the place I went to on tons of field trips and stuff with school and we played there.
It was a huge crowd, a lot of our families were there.
It was just surreal to be playing in this sort of iconic Boston landmark as a Boston band.
Tons of people were there, the crowd was really supportive.
That was an amazing moment for me, definitely.
Pull me out of this I can't breath I just need a rest from Paris, you know I held on too much I left you at the station, I put you in my past And now darling... - Our new record is called Before The Waves.
It came out just a couple of weeks ago.
We're very excited about it.
- I was talking to my mother the other day and I kind of realized that this album is the longest and hardest I've worked on anything my entire life, and that's, it's not a hyperbole.
It's like, we spent, you know, two years, almost more than that for some of the songs.
You know, the first demos were written a while ago, when we were in college, and we just worked on it for so long and I think we worked really hard and to actually put it out there and be able to hold the CD or the vinyl in my hand was, that was probably the most rewarding moment.
I think that's maybe what every band says, but it's definitely true.
- Nostalgia's something we try to evoke a lot in our music, so it becomes sort of the soundtrack to the listener's life when they listen to it and then anytime they hear the song, it transports them back to where they were at.
Our favorite albums have done that for us, the first Killer's album, Poster Service, Give Up, I mean, Cold Play's early albums.
We've got a lot of favorite albums but when I hear them, I like to listen to them all the way through and it becomes the soundtrack to part of my life.
- We did the majority of the recording at our home studio in Providence, Rhode Island, which is where we moved after college, and we sort of holed ourselves up in our little, in our studio and recorded almost all the stuff for the album and then we did drums here in New York and then we also worked with a producer named Alex Aldy to kind of do additional production and finish up the mixing.
You say it's getting better 'Cause I know you - The last year of our lives has been kind of a whirlwind.
In that time, we've finished our, I guess it's our second record but our first record on a major label, we've been on tour almost non-stop, with the exception of finishing the album here in New York, and it's just been amazing.
I mean, we went from, you know, playing pretty small shows in college and, you know, frat parties and basement shows to now tonight, we're playing at the at the theater at Madison Square Garden.
It's just really surreal, hard to believe.
We're having a great time.
We love playing shows, we love traveling and obviously finishing the record was a big moment for us as well, to bring that out.
But, yeah, it's been amazing.
It's been great.

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Magic Man is a five-piece band from Boston, Massachusetts who make melodic, dance-influenced indie pop. The band was formed in 2010 as a laptop-based duo consisting of Alex Caplow and Sam Vanderhoop Lee.



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