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Last week we introduced you to the sweet-as-can-be sounds of Indianapolis duo, Lily and Madeleine. In our studio, the three songs they gifted us with were delicate in make-up: two familial voices, bonded by time and experience, and a piano.

The duo just released their new record Keep It Together, which was released last week via New West Records. On tape, those harmonies and moving melodies get backed with a little more instrumental firepower, though the results are just as hypnotic as the stripped down session the two sisters did for our cameras.

In addition to playing a few tunes, Lily and Madeleine also took the time to tell us a little bit about their approach to writing the songs that inhabit Keep It Together. It's clear their music serves a personal, emotional outlet. For example, one song they played for us in the session was a love song written for a man Madeleine broke up with in the middle of the recording process. "[Writing] helps to explain situations in our life in a way that's a little mysterious," she told us. "If we write about a friend of ours or something, he or she may never know what the song is truly about. But it's helpful to just get it out there". Unfortunately for her, she kind of told us who the song was meant for, but hopefully he's not watching.


favorite color is purple.
favorite color's purple so I wanna be the purple guy, but I identify more with the green guy.
And Lily with the purple, because her neck is just naturally like... I think it's like the leg and the arm.
I don't know what it is, it's like... - I think the purple guy looks like he's leaping and the green guy looks like he's landing.
- Sure, interesting.
Interesting interpretation.
I don't know what that means for us, necessarily, but I feel the essence of the green guy.
We write songs like I write on guitar or piano and she writes on piano, but we don't start with a beat or anything like that.
Just mostly because we don't know how to create a beat.
- Yeah I think the way that most music is created these days is to begin with a beat... - To begin with a track.
- Yeah exactly, but that seems really difficult to me.
I prefer, I think you prefer too, to just keep it really simple with a guitar, piano and some simple melodies and just grow it from there in the studio.
A lot of times when I'm writing I'll just add like filler words.
Like if I like a melody I'll just start singing something random and then I realize, like "Wait a second this actually kind of makes sense.
This is something that I've been feeling and I didn't really realize it.
" Not in like some sort of way that I'm like regressing these memories or something.
But yeah, I don't know it just helps to kind of explain situations in our life in a way that's a little mysterious.
Like we write about a friend of ours or something, he or she may never know what the song is truly about, but it's helpful to just kind of get it out there.
Yeah our new record is called Keep It Together.
People ask us all the time, "What kind of music do you make? Like what's your genre?" And it's so hard to describe your own music.
- Yeah because we've been saying 'folk' for a couple years, but I don't really think it's folk anymore.
- No, somebody once said melodic rock...which makes sense, I suppose. I don't think that's a genre, but I think that yeah, that we could say... - I don't think that you should put everything into a genre.
- That's true, that's true.
I would say if you had to, like 'alternative, ' and then describing our music I would say harmonies and like moving melodies.
You know the way to my heart better than I know myself And losing you would be harder Than anything else So I'll keep giving you all my time What else can I do Because without you I'm nothing When people listen to our music I want them to maybe feel something of themselves in it.
And like I said when I'm writing and some words will come out and I don't realize I mean them till after the fact.
I want people to listen to the words and not realize that they also feel them until we've spoken them.
I think that that's what music does for people a lot of time.
Is like bring up emotions.

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Lily & Madeleine are an American folk pop duo from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, which consists of sisters Lily Jurkiewicz and Madeleine Jurkiewicz. They have released two full-length albums, Lily & Madeleine (2013)[1][2][3][4][5][6] and Fumes (2014) on Asthmatic Kitty.

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