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If you were messing around on the site yesterday you might have noticed the cozy little cabin session we posted with a few of our pals from Kopecky Family Band. It's a fun-loving, acoustic performance...perfect for your summer Friday. But wait, there's more! Gabe and Kelsey also sat down to tell us about the band's new album, Kids Raising Kids, the universal properties of music, the strange (sometimes terrifying) responsibilities of being a musician, and the familial comfort the band provides.


- So we have band games.
So our sound guy, Evan, he told me about this game called Four is the magic number.
Do you want to play? Okay.
Ten is three.
Five is four.
Three is five.
And four is the magic number.
You have to say why four the magic number.
I might have messed it up, honestly.
I'll play my favorite part for you I'm in a strange position Come on and join where I am at I'll keep the door wide open for you And I don't know, know, I don't know... - Well since CMJ last time, I think a lot has happened.
I think every, you know, whether it's a festival or a big show, it kind of puts wind in our sails for the next step.
It's kind of like this series of lily pads.
I feel like in our career that's been like, oh and here's the next one.
Okay, jump, and it's like whether there's someone in the audience, like our first CMJ, when Bob Boilen was -- happened to walk into our show and just loved the show, and that was such a miraculous thing that happened.
That, you know, gave us a better position at the next CMJ, another festival.
And I don't know, know, I don't know what I can do for you You make my heart beat, beat... - It's called Kids Raising Kids.
- And it came out on April 2nd, and we're currently sitting in the office of the label that released it.
- ATO records, which is crazy.
- I think as a whole, the band comes at it with the idea that there's a last track on the record.
It's called Ella.
It's about Markus' daughter Eloise, and the idea when, about two years ago, when we started working on the record, he was a year deep into being a father, and it was something that was -- I felt like all of us were having to somewhat deal with it in a weird way.
I know he specifically, obviously, he had more responsibility than the rest of us, but we all were there for him.
In the same time, realizing what it meant to be a 20, 21-year old, having a child, and realizing you're a child yourself, and having to bring new life into this world and hopefully do the best you can, and leading that child in the direction that you think is, you know, to where we are now.
I'd look back and I'd go I had a good childhood.
I want that for her.
We all want that for her.
- So in a literal sense, it's definitely related to Markus and his little daughter, Ella, but in a thematic sense, we kept seeing the presence of this idea that we're all just kids raising each other.
Like as humans kind of navigating this really hard life that like is full of great times too, but in all of it, whether you're the principal of a high school, or the president of the United States, or a little child, you're all shaping other people's worlds.
The record has a lot of moments of triumph and like, "We got through this! Whew! This season was good.
" Or real... - Yeah, we made it home.
Like in the Glow, one of our songs.
- Part of what -- we started with this band, we did our first three EPs.
It was a really a lot of Kelsey and I starting and then bringing an idea to the band and then fleshing it out, versus what it is now with like Kids Raising Kids, it's very... It could be her and I but it also could be Steven and I, or Steven and Corey, or David and Markus.
You know, there's six of us and with that many people, there's so many ideas that can come from anywhere.
I think you have to be willing to say, I'm okay with that.
That you can't be overly protective and realize that six people make one song that much better.
So the creative process is it's unique in that sense because it really is something that's shared.
It's not protected by her and I and everyone else.
She kind of rides along with us.
- And I feel like the music is a result of being present, whether we're on the road writing, because now we do pretty much live on the road.
Someone earlier asked us, like, how has that changed, not being home and being able to write, and we really have adapted to like, any instance we have at a sound check to try and you know, jam on an idea or like, share ideas that we've had individually with one another.
It's been cool.
I feel like the music is a result of no borders, or rules.
We've kind of always just been moved by moments, and I hope we continue to do that.
Don't be shy now.
My father said if you're honest No one will complain or ask you, "Are you listening?" - We believe that music brings, not only entertainment, but something deep within us that is kind of unleashed and is just a universal language that's spoken, and whether, you know, we're not blood related, but we believe in family and the idea of spreading love and goodness to the world through music and that sounds like really cheesy, but like, my best experiences have been with these guys, and my best friend's in the band, and just looking people in the eye that have gone through so many hard times and we've been through so many crazy adventures of band troubles and really great times too, but the music has been the constant just kind of companion to us.
But honestly the best part about the way we've grown our literal families.
I mean we know our fans really well.
Like we know their birthdays or their kid's names or you know, we do dinner with them before the shows in Charlottesville or wherever it is.
I mean we're excited.
We've played weddings.
We're going to play a Bar Mitzvah.
One of our best like fans slash friends.
It's just exciting to feel like we've organically grown a literal family around the love of music and it's not this like you and me.
It's like a we.
And we still can't find the reason when the lights go out - Those who are looked at have huge amount of responsibility.
They are looked at as people who are given this voice that people listen to, and that's a terrifying thing.
I remember one of the first times a six-year-old child came up to me and was like, "You're my favorite band, " and he was hiding behind a tree because he was terrified to meet me, and that -- it's amazing! And I laughed and I was like this is the craziest thing, but at the same time, it was absolutely terrifying to know that a six-year-old child who has the rest of his life in front of him is listening to our music and going, "I love this song.
I like what it means.
" And it really changes your perspective on everything.
You take a step back and you go, "I can't just do whatever I want.
" - I'm starting to realize that, like, the lyrics that I would be like just meddling over in my bed like on studio nights or whatever, knowing that they go into people's homes, It's really crazy to think that like ideas that you know, we're passionate about, just kind of like goes into other people's rooms.
It's like, wait you listen to that in your car in Phoenix, Arizona, or Toronto, or whatever, it's absolutely crazy.
- Oh yeah, I remember there's been times where I like was certain that this song meant this.
To me that's what it did, and it meant that, that's why we wrote it that way, and then someone comes in and says, "Oh I thought it was about blah-blah-blah-blah.
" And I'm like, that's way deeper than I even thought about it and that's awesome.
So I mean, that's the beautiful thing about music is it is so subjective to a degree to where people can define it and meaningful to themselves.
That's where the record's cool in my mind, because Raising Kids has 11 songs that are influenced by 6 individuals, rather than 1 person.
So it's not about one person's emotions, it's all those emotions peering into each and every track, so that there's a moment where anyone comes into that situation and listens and goes I feel that.
I understand that, or I've been there before.
And we still can't find the reason when the lights go out Are we fools just for believing that the lights are out - Hey, this is Kelsey.
- And I'm Gabe from The Kopecky Family Band - And you're watching Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

"Family" is a word that encompasses a variety of definitions. With that in mind, let this introduction to Kopecky Family Band be taken with an open mind and with a grain of salt. This family is connected not by blood or by heritage, but by circumstance. No, this is a family bound by the miles on their odometer and by the songs they have crafted over the years. These six young musicians have created a family through their commitment to each other and to their craft. Crack open your dictionary, if you need to.

the Kopecky Family Band a non-traditional family, at that is dynamic, and they wield an equally dynamic slew of instruments. Their thoughtful songwriting is supported by a diverse backdrop of sound. And the musical canvas is covered with broad brushstrokes ranging from clanging tambourines and guitars, booming percussion, intelligent string arrangements, and triumphant horns. These six bandmates siblings, if you will swap their musical tools without a second thought, creating an emotive, adventurous, and energetic environment onstage.

In late 2007, founding members Kelsey Kopecky and Gabriel Simon became united with four friends who shared a mutual vision. They planted seeds that have been nurtured for the past five years through persistent touring and recording and those seeds are rapidly reaching maturity. With thousands of miles traveled, and surely thousands to come, the Kopecky Family Band is only just beginning their adventure and they want to bring you along for the ride.



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