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Baeblemusic's Managing Editor Aimee Curran slugs a couple pints down the pub with a pair of bonafide, British rockstars. In our newest edition of #hangsesh, Serg and Tom from Kasabrian dish on stage style, strange twitter happenings, and of course, their rather killer new album, 48:13.


- Hey, what's up? It's Amy from Baeble Music and today, we are hanging out with Tom and Sergio from Kasabian.
Hey guys, how's it going? - Hey, how's it going? - Good, thank you.
- So, to break the ice a little bit, what's one thing you guys wear every day.
- Fresh socks.
But not new ones.
I wish I could do what P Diddy did, you know, a new pair of socks every day.
Fresh socks.
- Wait.
He throws away his socks? - Yeah, yeah.
He wears them once and puts them to bed, which is wicked, in my opinion.
Legendary, you know.
- You should donate them to a homeless shelter.
I feel like they could use them.
- I know you're big on that.
That's what he should do, but he doesn't, so there you are.
It's sad, isn't it? Look, I donated clothes to charity, you'd be happy to know, back in England.
- Yeah.
- Oxford.
- It's beautiful, actually.
- Gave them loads of jackets.
- We're locals.
We still live where we grew up and some local charity shop down the road, they had to dedicate a whole rail to Tom's clothes.
- They put mannequins in shop with my coats and pictures next to - Some big gigs as well, some big gigs we've done.
- They actually had about 500 people.
- Russian girls with Tom's coats.
- Yeah, but it's nice.
Give some of it back.
- What about stage styling? Is there any certain clothes that you avoid wearing or something that you always like to wear onstage? - I've got to avoid cotton boxer shorts now, because they cut right in.
That's for me, that's about it but... - So, you guys released an album, 48:13.
Were there any alternative names to the album? - Yeah, there was... Well, you know what? Not really because the whole thing, the whole vision at the start was to make a direct record, musically, lyrically and along with the artwork, you know, choose a color and it could only have been that name.
A sum of all its parts.
We weren't trying to be clever or cool or we didn't think, you know... It was very, it just is, you know? It's fact and that's kind of the whole idea for the whole record, you know? - Okay.
So, you guys have had, like, so much success.
Like, you've won a ton of awards, you have, like, legions of fans.
When you started gaining all that success, does that put an extra pressure on you, each time you go into the studio to record an album? Do you feel like, I really have to please everyone or are you just making music to please yourselves? - I think we've always just done it for ourselves, you know? It's kind of the only real way to do it.
You know, if you start second guessing people, I think you're making a big mistake.
- I'm really curious to know, when you hear your songs playing in a bar or on the radio, does it still surprise you or how do you feel? Is it weird? - Okay.
I mean, it depends.
You know? Like, if I'm high or something and I'm drinking, it sounds great.
You know? Because, you know, your shield ain't up.
You're more calm and, you know, you go oh, that sounds amazing, but... - I don't like in bars.
Tom's right.
It's weird.
And in Japan, they tend to, like, when you eat in a restaurant, they always tend to put your album on, you know? It's just not... And they do the full... - Really loud.
Really loud.
- Full album and you're like oh no.
- And they show the fucking videos as well.
I'm reminding you what you've done.
- Which is fine, but... - All right.
Well, what do you guys think about social media? You know, it wasn't around 10 years ago.
- It's amazing to get your views across, you know, quickly.
I mean, I can't, I'm not allowed on social media.
You know? Which is, I think it's right, because I feel the band would be over in about five minutes.
Our careers would be dead.
- With Twitter, if I, like, my missus can type my name in and then if she doesn't know where I am within 30 minutes, there'll be a sighting.
- That's horrifying, isn't it? - Someone will say I've just seen him.
But, then again, I think it's also sort of amazing to have that instant comeback, especially when stories have been written about you that's not true, then you have a way of instantly saying well, that's bullshit.
You know? - So, are you guys fond of hashtags and, if so, which ones do you like using or do you like seeing people use? - Hash tag? What? What's that mean? What? - I mean, it's the pound sign.
The pound sign.
Like hashtag Kasabian, so people can track everything that would be written about you on Twitter and search.
- Oh, I don't know.
I don't really know.
- Yeah, I think the hash tags had its day.
I think that was something else.
- Do you guys use emojis? - What? - What's that? - Emojis.
- Oh, those little faces.
- The little pictures on your phone.
- Oh, that's in the update from iTunes, Google.
- I have, yeah.
Sadly, yeah, I have.
It's pretty sad, actually.
- You've got 'em? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- After you play, like, a massive show and you've got thousands of fans screaming and all the energy, how do you relax? How do you lay down and go to sleep at night? - You can't.
We've not mastered that.
We're not that band.
You know? We just carry on.
You can't, when you suck in all that energy, like, it has to go somewhere.
Like, you can't, I don't understand, I mean, for me anyway, Tom's the same.
How can you sit there and do normal shit? - Exactly! I mean, imagine if U2 played a full house show tonight, 80,000 people and then night, Bono just says, "good night, " they all fucking go to bed.
They probably do do that, because they're used to it.
- I've seen bands at festivals, because we do festivals.
Obviously, you're all in the same compound or whatever.
I've seen bands like go off and eat chicken and broccoli or go on, you know, or go on eBay and shit and you're like fuck that.
It's really sad.
- Call us old school, old fashioned because we're latched and we're latched.
- All this energy is like ah, I need to get out.
The only way you get it out is crack open a bottle of... - Imagine how he feels and how I feel after a gig like that.
- Hello.
My name is Sergio.
- I'm Thomas.
- And you're watching Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

Kasabian are an English rock band formed in Leicester in 1997. The band's original members consisted of vocalist Tom Meighan, guitarist and backing vocalist Sergio Pizzorno, guitarist Christopher Karloff, and bassist Chris Edwards. The band's line-up was completed by touring guitarist Jay Mehler in 2006, replacing Karloff, and drummer Ian Matthews in 2004 after a string of session drummers. Mehler left the band for Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye in 2013 and was replaced by Tim Carter. Kasabian have released four studio albums Kasabian (2004), Empire (2006), West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (2009), and Velociraptor! (2011).

The band's music has been described as a mix between The Stone Roses and Primal Scream with the swagger of Oasis. Their music has won them several awards and recognition in the media, including a Brit Award in 2010 for Best British Group, and their live performances are generally lauded.

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