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In addition to swooning a gathering of friends and fans with their alluring Bands and Brews Session, Christina and Jeff from Frances Cone also took a moment to talk shop about their music, their EP, and where they see their band going.


He held his heart so tight A promised day long fight Because he could not resign To lose you these four songs on the EP.
I felt more like people have heard this music than any other thing I've ever done.
When you put it up on the Internet, and you say, okay, I hope people like this, and, and then you don't hear back.
I mean, we gotten, we've been really lucky and gotten some really great press off of four songs.
You know, whatever website, has at least featured every song and, and, in a way where, it's like, this is great.
- People are... Hopefully, it's gettin' it out there.
You still don't know if people are pushin' play but it's helped.
- Press feels really good.
I feel like, like anything, wonderful like that, it's sort of like a spurt of emotion when you read it.
You're like, Oh, it's so great and then like you feel awesome about everything for like 30 minutes... And then you're just back to like, Okay, what am I gonna do next.
- Sure, someone writes something nice, and it's flattering, and then you can share it on Facebook, and people will read it and like it.
But beyond that, it's hard to say, oh, this lead to this.
And, it's nice when people say nice things, but there is definitely no reason to say, like, okay, well, we're, we're good now.
I guess press is a slightly double-edged sword, because I think no one says exactly what you want them to say, but... - Sometimes they.... - But that's how it works.
- Sometimes they do.
- Yeah, Baeble always says exactly... - Baeble says exactly what we want.
This dumb luck he created She thought eyes could save him They shook off the smell of smoke - I mean, these four songs, on our current EP, I wrote, basically, but we all arranged them and made them sound how they sound, and all helped, Josh Kaylor produced, in Nashville, and we all had a pretty strong hand in how they sound and then we're also all writing for the whole album.
And I wasn't totally into being a singer, songwriter, like I always wanted to have a group of four people that felt like we were all into it together.
That was sort of hard to find.
And then last August Jeff played his first show with us, and I met him through Andy, who was a bass player, and we all just really clicked and... - Fast friends.
- It was fast friendship, and, and fast creative, I don't know.
It just worked.
- I guess I just have a really strong aversion to what you feel like is supposed to come next in a song.
So like, when we're working things out, if there is somethin' that, I don't know, it feels like it is supposed to come next, like now we're supposed to do a bridge, I will just like normally, no we are not going to do a bridge.
- Yes, for sure.
I mean, that, that, pop music has been around long enough where there are these obvious what comes next things, you know, and so, there is a balance between fighting that, but also making things aurally pleasing.
You don't want to like take it so far out that it is like, oh god, I think you want to serve the song, still but try to do something that maybe isn't the most obvious.
- I mean, clearly our music is not jarring.
- No, and it's not like this avante garde, like, out there stuff.
It's simple enough too, because I think when we play live, we don't want to complicate things too much, you know.
I think we could get a lot weirder if we all were trying to multitask and play a bunch of different things, but playing live, it's so much easier to just say well... - Do what we do.
- I take guitar, you play keyboards and Eddie plays bass and, and just let the songs speak.
And we need more time Eighty-five - I'm not afraid to get dark, they're, they're not really dark songs.
They're like pretty hopeful songs and I hope that they feel like a bit comforting.
And not like... - And we made a conscious effort with 85 and June, to make those, sort of sunny sounding, in their own way.
- Yeah.
- Like, there, you have a, such a sad topic.
They both are in a major key and they both really feel uplifting.
Outside of that, yeah.
- I mean, I feel like, generally, lyrically, if something is really sad, you got to not have it sound that way.
I don't want to ever emotionally manipulate.
- Yeah, yeah for sure.
- When I grew up in, Southern Baptist churches, my parents are going to watch this, I grew up, I grew up hearing pretty emotionally manipulative music and I never want to do that.
But, but then the result of that was like, when I was still going to church, I was like slowly moving out of that part of my life, I'm like, what I went to next, was like very traditional church, where like the hymns were hymns.
We sang the hymns and there was like a really traditional choir because that felt less like somebody was trying to get me to feel something, and then, and then eventually I just moved on out of that also.
We need more time, 85 - We are working on making the whole, a full-length.
That I want to, speaking of house party music, I want it to be a little more upbeat... - To add some more up tempo things in there, yeah.
- The songs we are working on now, are fun.
You could move.
- Yeah, and to just gives up more depth in the live situations, as well.
To be able to, to play for an hour and have it not be just listening music.
Yeah, let's have a little fun too.
- Let's have fun.
- Yeah.
I mean, Soon is fun.
Come back is, there's some fun ones... - Oh, for sure.
- I think this, the, these four EP songs are a little more mellow.
That's what the Internet told me the other day, they were mellow, and I was like, you're right - Oh, yeah, even, that's true, yeah.
- Hi, this is Christina and Jeff from Frances Cone... - And you are watching Baeble music.
- That wasn't very cheezy.
We should go back and forth.
- And you're watching Baeble music.
Okay, one more, another one? - Hi, this is Christina, I hate saying my name.
Hi, this is Christina and Jeff from Frances Cone... - And you're watching Baeble music.
That was worse. I got, I did a weird... It's fine.
Use them all.
- Sometimes Jeff gets a lot of radio voice.
- And you are watching Baeble music.
- He does that sometimes on stage.
It's the only way I know that Jeff is nervous because he will be like, he will be like... - My, my voice gets... - We have t-shirts at the back of the band room... - My voice gets quieter.
- Yeah, you like... - My speaking voice is quieter.
- You should do, like, nighttime radio.

Artist Bio

FRANCES CONE is a Brooklyn-based indie-pop band fronted by Christina Cone (keyboards/vocals) with Jeff Malinowski (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Doherty (bass/vocals). Their lush three-part harmonies and intimate understanding of each other as players and people belie the fact that they all just met within the past year in the borough in which they live and perform. The band has already landed on year-end "Best Of" lists from the likes of Daytrotter and Vanity Fair and performed at marquee New York venues such as Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg. At once their sound is both enormous and intimate, huge yet familiar. Frances Cone is currently on tour in support of their new self-titled EP, which will be available April 29, 2014.



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