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Eric and Liz from the restless, Americana-kissed rock outfit Delta Rae take some time during their session with us to discuss their new album After It All, the transformative qualities of their music, and their roller coaster lives (among other things).


- And, we're part of the band Delta Rae.
We are from Durham, North Carolina.
That's where we started the band.
We all lived together in a house in the woods there.
I think that at the core, we write all of our music and we perform it passionately, and if it doesn't meet our standards, we don't play it, and I think, I don't know, that's what filters it.
As opposed to being a indie rock band or a folk band or a country act or something like that.
- The art that has always resonated with me, and I think with everybody else in the band, whether it's your favorite book or your favorite painting or your favorite drink or something that takes you really specifically to one place, and I definitely feel that way with "Chasing Twisters, " with "Cold Day in Heaven, " with "My Whole Life Long, " with a number of tracks on the album.
- Aah.
I wanna run to feel again, to be no one.
To run under the stars of Orion.
And all my life... album, and it's called "After It All.
" It took us 18 months to make it, so we're really happy to finally have it out, and it's kind of a windy road.
It has two halves, in my opinion, and the first half is kind of a straightforward, rolicking, rock journey-- - Adventure - And an adventure with lots of restlessness.
Very much inspired, the way Eric said, by the American landscape.
And then the second half is more of a romantic hug.
- Well, I would say if the first album was born from playing live, then the second album was really born from playing live.
Honestly, this second album, we wrote almost entirely, and recorded entirely, while in the midst of touring.
So, it really was born out of experiences that we had with long-distance relationships, experiences that we had with each other, experiences that we had touring and seeing some of the cities that we saw.
So-- - And just being away from home incessantly.
- Yeah.
- We really wanted to make sure the bring the grit, some of the grit of just being on the road as much as we are and touring all over the United States as much as we do.
We wanted some of that grit to show up on the record too.
The sweat and the cracks in the voice.
- The second album, we did have a better sense of an audience and we definitely benefit from playing live and seeing the reaction from our fans.
It's very inspiring, oftentimes, so the reaction from our fans has been really heartening.
- Remember when you said you loved me? Remember when you said that it would all work out? We packed up and we left one morning and everything you promised didn't happen, and now I'm swirling softly.
Drifting like the cream in your coffee.
And you're talking calmly.
When I'm scared to be on our own when the thrill is gone... - I hate that I do this, but I can't help but read reviews sometimes.
You know, I was just reading one the other day and, you know, they didn't love every song but they so got what we were going for and the restlessness, and it was almost like they were more articulate in talking about our album than we were, and I was so grateful for that.
Just, personally it was like, oh, we make some sense to somebody at least.
- The writer had mentioned that she could hear Americana and the folk influences that we had mentioned before, but that she could also hear musical theater, which was, it was fun to hear someone else say that because our band has four lead singers, it does sort of feel like four different perspectives and four different characters that keep coming back to you and telling their story and telling their truth, and it's wonderful to see that others are getting that.
- To try to love someone.
Baby can you keep your promise? Baby can I keep you honest? Cause I'm scared.
best moments of my life, like, unimaginable highs, and then some lows that I don't think I would have if I'd chosen another career.
And, so-- together.
- Yeah, and you go through all of it together, and I swear to God it's so, it's such a blessing to have a band because they really...they stick it out with you. - And when we get to meet people after the shows and hear stories of how the songs have made a difference in their life and which songs have resonated with them, it's always incredible as well to know that what we're doing on the stage is not just us taking our rehearsals onto the stage to make money.
It's something that's resonating with other people and making other people feel good or helping other people to have a form of catharsis.
- Aah.
Cause I'm scared to be on our own.
And I'm scared thinking what we've done.
- Hi, we're Delta Rae, and you're watching Baebel Music, where the babes are.

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Delta Rae is an American folk rock band formed in Durham, North Carolina. They began as a four-piece ensemble and added McKee and Emerson to the dynamic in 2010. Their name hails from a fictional story the Holljeses' mother intended to write about a Southern girl named Delta Rae who summons the Greek gods to earth.



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