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Cobra Starship ended 2014 making waves in the music industry with their hit single "Never Been In Love" featuring Icona Pop. Between filming a fun-tastic video for it, appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel and fielding a mountain of press requests, Baeble was lucky enough to snag an afternoon with Cobra mastermind, Gabe Saporta for an afternoon of friendly ping-pong competition at Spin NYC.

Gabe may have kicked our ass, but opened up about how he learned to sing, the definition of true love, and how "Never Been In Love" came to be. In our humble opinion, we were the real winner.


Girl I've been all over the world Looking for you I'm known for taking \ what I think I deserve And you're overdue And if you listen you can hear me through the radio In that bright white noise Baeble Music and we're here at Spin New York for another #hangsesh with Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship.
We're about to have a vicious ping-pong match to decide who's the winner and who is the loser.
Come on, let's go.
- All right, so I think that we should have some stakes here.
- If I win, then you have to give me VIP access to your next show, and I get to star in your next music video.
And then if you win... - How about... Taco Bell? - Oh, seven-layer burrito with baja sauce.
- Deal.
- It's very hard to play ping-pong in New York because there's not a lot of space in New York to play ping-pong.
It's not like when you're in the suburbs and you're just like, "Hey, let's go over to my mom's basement, we'll play ping-pong.
" - Did you have a ping-pong table in your mom's basement? - No, I didn't.
We had drums in the basement.
I have drums and a ping-pong table.
- Is that how you first got into music was playing drums in the basement? - I think that's how everyone did, right? - What was the name of your very first music project? - My very first band was named "Humble Beginnings.
" - Humble Beginnings.
- Which is a very apropo title.
- What happened to Humble Beginnings? It had a humble end? - I got kicked out of that band.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Were you the singer? - No, cause I was the bass player, and then that's why I decided to learn how to sing, so I wouldn't get kicked out of another band.
- So how did you learn to sing? Because I can't carry a tune.
- That's an amazing question that no one's ever asked me, and the answer to that is I joined a glee club my first year of college.
- Really? - Yes, that's how I learned to sing.
I swear to God.
That was a great question.
No one's ever asked me that.
- I need to join a glee club because I think people say, "Oh, everyone can carry a tune," but I literally cannot carry a tune.
- No, you'll learn in a glee club, and I went to Rutger's, it's not the choir, it's actually more of like the drunk football players with big beer mugs around the piano after a game singing songs.
That's the vibe of this, it's like, "On the banks of the old Raritan, my friends, where old Rutgers ever more shall stand, for has she not stood since the time of the flood," that's how you're supposed to sing, you learn these songs, like Irish songs, so it's...that's really hard to sing. I think I fucked up the camera, is that okay? I've never been in love before you... - That's great.
No, it was great effort.
- Yeah.
- You really tried, I feel like you gave your best.
- Thank you, thank you very much.
- I'm really tired from kicking your ass.
- Yeah I'm tired from you kicking my ass.
- So you know, right now a lot of people are talking really excited about your new single "Never Been In Love.
" I know now I've never in love before I know now... - So with Icona Pop.
Your guys' single, Never Been In Love, whose idea was it? Did you approach them, did they approach you? How did it all come about? - Well, we actually, we did a remix for them of I Love It, when that came out years ago.
And so we kind of stayed in touch and we're the same label, and it was very organic.
Our A&R guy works with them too, so, it was like okay, I'm just like "Can we try and get them?" He's like, "Yeah, I'll talk to them.
" It was very easy.
- What do you... like how do you know that you're in love? - Maybe it's cheesy, but I feel like people can do a lot for themselves by themselves, but there's a piece of them that can never be full until they meet another person, when they meet that person that they feel, okay, they really feel completed, that to me is like love, you know? Love is also like, a lot of people think love is like, you know this big, "Oh, I love you so much, I wanna do this and that.
" And then, "Oh, I fuckin' hate you, and I love you.
" No, it's like to me it's when you get past those ups and downs and you really can find like peace with someone and be like happy just chillin' with them just watching a movie and like, you'd rather hang out...this is what love is.
When you'd rather hang out with that person than be by yourself.
- That's a good answer, I'll know that, I certainly like my privacy and being alone.
- That's what I'm saying, me too, I like my privacy and being alone too, so when I finally found someone that I was like, okay I'd rather hang out with you then be alone always, no matter what I'm doing, except probably when I'm in the bathroom...maybe even in the bathroom though, when I'm showering I just want you to hang out, you know we can talk still... - So, what are your plans for the upcoming year, 2015 is just around the corner, what's going on with you and Cobra Starship? - So I think the best thing we ever did with the band is when we were able to all go away together, and like we went actually to the mountains of Pennsylvania and just lived there for almost a month and, I mean it's hard to skip cell phones, but when you're just like focused and you don't have something else to do, I think that's when the best creative stuff comes out, so I think I want to do that again in January and just go and finish the record, maybe build a Joshua tree.
- All right.
Cool, well thanks for hanging out at our #hangsesh, and oh I guess you're going to be in my next music video for Gabe Rulez, with a Z.
- Can't wait.
Gabe rulez with a Z.
- Catered by Taco Bell, seven-layer burritos baja sauce.
All right, cool.
- Cool Amy, thank you so much.
- Cheers.
On the banks of the old Raritan, my friends, where old Rutgers ever more shall stand, For has she not stood since the time of the flood...

Artist Bio

Cobra Starship dance-pop band, formed in 2003 in New York, NY.

Gabe Saporta
Nate Novarro
Victoria Asher backing vocals
Eric Halvorsen
Andy Barr



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