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In addition to the tearing our hearts in half with their gorgeous session, Robert and Spencer, of UK outfit A Silent Film, sat down with our crew to discuss their incredible new, self-titled album.


Strike was definitely like born from the album's optimism, and all of this stuff is all connected or so with the fact that with our fans we've been very lucky.
We're an independent band.
We are heavily involved like directly with our fans, and we always try and find ways to bring them in, you know.
I don't think we've ever been a band who's built a barrier.
We're very sort of interactive with them, so it made like perfect sense to us to do a video where they could be part of the video.
I see a storm on the horizon, are you ready for a lightning strike lightning strike, as you sort of see the song at face value, it could be about a one night stand, but then if you read deeper into the lyric, it's clearly about something more than that and there's a longer term story there which I like.
I love imagining there's a sort of John Cusack character with the ghetto blaster over his head in my head when I'm singing it and thinking about that song.
And that to me like, I just enjoy that.
That's really cool.
And in the dreams, there's some springs by the photoshoot Without doubt, because Spence and I very much work for a long period of time, we've got to point out that this feels like the real essence of all that we've learned, but also the starting point of where this band really gonna generate like the next, well our futures gonna come from this record.
So, it just felt right.
You can't really put anything more, any more sort of ideas behind that, it just felt right that this would be a self titled album.
- I mean, everything about this album excites us I think.
We're just I think it's definitely, like Robert said, it's definitely the most like clear expression of where we are right now.
It's just positive, and it's optimistic, and it's hopeful, but it's still got the emotional sort of draw that we're really, like that's just a big part of what we do and, I don't know.
It just seems to, we wanted to make an album where there was color and variety.
I don't think we don't, we don't ever aim to make records with a very similar sounding kind of start to finish vibe.
We like really diverse weird records.
You know, we were pretty into bands like Queen when we were growing up and you look at those records and it's just like the weirdest collection of songs, and we always just thought that was pretty natural.
So I think we were excited to do this record and like, just not hold back.
And if we felt like a song had to go in a certain direction, we took it as far as it would go in that direction, and it works with the collection.
You give me something, something to believe Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day - We hope that our music has meaning to people.
That's certainly something we've set out to do.
We don't wanna be a part of a fad or just a band in its quarter like, we want to be a band that actually means something to people.
And I think that's what we achieve certainly on stage with the stage show, and that's at the very core of what we're trying to do I guess that's important to us.
I can't shout it any louder You give me something, something to believe in Hey, we're Robert - and Spencer - from A Silent Film, and you're watching Baeble Music.

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A Silent Film are an English alternative rock band from Oxford. The band consists of Robert Stevenson, Karl Bareham, Ali Hussain and Spencer Walker.



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