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Like an angrier, beefier version of the White Stripes, the long haired pair behind USAISAMONSTER remind us of the sheer volume that can be made by two people (hint: it's a lot). The duo's albums have shown a marked progression in style, expanding upon the bands noisy No Wave sound in careful steps, but this performance demonstrates that there are several basic tenants to the USAISAMONSTER sound.

Number one: It will be loud.
The drums and guitar will slam into each in jarring cacophony, and it'll be loud. The drums and guitar will lock together, cymbals crashing as Colin Matthews headbangs his way through repetitive fluid riffs, and it'll be loud. The crowd will clap afterwards, and it'll be loud.

Number two: It will be aggressive.
The songs will be delivered in a confident, forceful way, and Tom Hohmann will sound like a barking army general whenever he sings.

Number three: It will be strangly melodic, since even sheer volume and aggression can't hide this band's ear for a good melody.

Number four: It will be loud. Wonderfully, scarily loud.
So tune in, please, but don't say we didn't warn you about the "turning up" part.

- Andrew Leahey

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Of course the USA is a Monster wants to turn the tide and prepare us for the time after the lights go dim on Western Civilization's exhaust pipe party. For this, the words and sounds are of a war stomp. And the battle will rage, with the battle field location known as your mind! Not matter if you download this or buy this in a big box store, look up from your desktop unit and engage this record. It will show you the Shining Path and you know what to do...


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