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Like fellow noisemakers Animal Collective and Mountain Goats, The Double looks for the middle-ground between experimental rock, ambient sound, feedback, and pure melody. Their sonic experimentation embraces noise as a musical approach, turning feedback and heavy reverb into their own instruments. At the same time, these songs have structure and cohesion; you ultimately leave a Double concert with the songs in your head, wishing you could hum the atmospheric guitar solo that has permanently lodged itself in your head.

- Andrew Leahey

Artist Bio

Although the Double recorded 2002’s folk-noise explosion Loose Crochet as a duo, the group’s full lineup is comprised of vocalist/bassist David Greenhill, drummer/programmer Jeff McLeod, keyboardist Jacob Morris, and guitarist/vocalist Donald Bearman. Based in Brooklyn, the band experiments with indie-rock and ambient noise in a low-fi setting. 2004’s Palm Fronds, the band’s first release as a quartet, also featured electronic elements due to percussionist McLeod’s arm injury, which incapacitated his hand and necessitated the use of a drum machine. The following year, the Double signed to Matador Records and began working with producer Steve Revitte. Loose in the Air was recorded in 12 days and released that fall, featuring a slightly more polished sound as well as a return to the traditional drum kit.


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