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If there are audio delicacies Icelandic septet Seabear favor for inspiration, I would imagine it's the poignant pop artists like Belle and Sebastian and Sufjan Stevens have been baking all these years. Theirs' is a sound that suggests they caught a whiff of their idols' sonic ingredients a while back - the melodious piano lines, swinging drum beats, voluptuous violins, backwoods banjos, and splats of ringing glockenspiel - giving the recipe their own personal twist over time, and eventually launching into direct competition with the musical franchises. You and I are of course the winners of this kind of musical economy, as our latest concert video from Austin TX pits melody against melancholy, with incredibly affecting results.

We first heard about the band lead by Sindri Mar Sigfusson a few years back when they released their itty bitty debut The Ghost That Carried Us Away. We in fact got a little carried away, blabbing about the band to anyone who would listen. This performance from our SXSW party suggests people are taking note. Encouraging festival goers to mad dash across town to our slightly off the beaten path local east of downtown, the band assembled one of the biggest crowds of the afternoon with this performance in support of their newest record, We Built A Fire. Apparently that fire was meant to warm the body, mind and soul. That's at least how we and everyone else fortunate enough to witness the show felt after this sun blazing set from a band you need to know. - David Pitz

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Although initially the solo project of Sindri Mr Sigfsson, Seabear had morphed into a seven-piece band by 2007, when the group made its full-length debut with Ghost That Carried Us Away. Sigfsson filled his lineup with a number of fellow Icelandic songwriters -- Gudbjrg Hlin Gudmundsdottir, Ingibjrg Birgisdttir, Halldr Ragnarsson, rn Ingi gstsson, Kjartan Bragi Bjarnason, and Sley Stefnsdttir -- and the group's hushed, folksy music began finding an international audience in 2008, when the song Cat Piano was featured in an episode of Gossip Girl. Although Sigfsson also devoted time to his own solo work (which he released under the alias Sin Fang Bous), Seabear continued gathering momentum during the following years, and 2010 found the group launching its first American tour and releasing its second album, We Built a Fire. - all music guide


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