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Young Empires power their sound with big, nocturnal beats, entangle them in a net of nifty guitar work, gloss it over in a gauzy sheet of electronic atmospherics, and add head catching vocal choruses to really reel you in. It's an approach that has the Canadian outfit sounding like they source inspirations from indie rock, and give the whole thing the remix treatment...which of course is no accident. In our session and conversations with Matthew Vlahovich, Aaron Ellingson, and Jake Palahnuk at SXSW, the band make it known that's exactly what they would like you to hear. The result is an addictive, sonic mosaic that feels a bit like spinning the globe, popping a finger on the face, and seeing where the adventure will take you. We suggest starting with this session captured at our SXSW showcase in Austin this past spring.

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Self-described as World Beat meets Haute Rock, Young Empires deliver fresh yet distinguished dance tracks that make you want to strut. Their sonic landscape is overbrimming with swagger, sexuality, & maybe even a little angst at times. Fronted by Matthew Vlahovich, whose swirling synth tones set the scene for the rhythmic and soulful licks of guitarist Aaron Ellingson and bassist Jake Palahnuk, this band got their start off the backend of previous projects and mutual friends in October 2009.

Since inception, the band has had the blogosphere in a spin, being diagnosed as an early Yeasayer, Foals, or The Rapture. Their home demo 'Rain of Gold' hit #13 on Hype Machine's charts garnering the trio international attention and spawning a select run of international shows this summer. Having already supported bands by the likes of Sleigh Bells, We Have Band, and Wave Machines in their native home Toronto, Young Empires are poised to win over the hearts of tastemakers and crowds alike with their energetic and luscious electro based rock.



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