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Today we're happy to bring you an exclusive live performance video from cute and cuddly, indie rock sweetheart, Lelia Broussard. Donning splashes of make-up that bring visions of Bowie's Aladdin Sane to mind, Broussard took the stage in Austin to offer a few cuts of her brand of witty, indie pop. On "Satellite", Broussard spins through an adorable, yet tragic tale of a robot in love. Another personal highlight, "Hipster Bitch" takes aim on a certain type of girl who likes to hang in "f*cking Williamsburg". And in between takes, Broussard answers our questions on songwriting technique, waiting tables, and annoying bosses. Check out the full session below.

Artist Bio

My career in bullet points because bios are boring.

- i was an egg, then i was fertilized, then i was born.

- first concert, paul simon age 3 the cajun dome in Lafayette Louisiana. cool

- Cajun Dome again, age 6, I sang Patsy Clines Crazy in front of 15,000 people, they cheered, that was cooler

- sang incessantly all through childhood, annoyed the crap out of my mother

- i once had 15 cats.creepy right?

- the first song i wrote was about my orthodontist

- recorded my first record in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- moved to new york when i was 17

- waited tables, got fired for yelling at my boss

- i've been an under paid full time musician ever since.

- started working with magnetic writer and producer rob fusari (of bootylicious and now miz lady gaga fame)

- toured extensively throughout the US

- signed a publishing deal with Rondor Universal Music Group

- moved to Los Angeles, California

- met Snoop Dogg (I called him Mr. Dogg) at the Grammys (did I say met? I mean I saw him)

- wrote wrote wrote

- recorded Waiting On The 9 with producer, Dave Trumfio (Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Built to Spill)

- Ellen Degeneres follows me on Twitter (its a bullet point, Ellen is a big deal!)

- wrote song about incredibly sad robot in love called Satellite

- recorded new record "Masquerade" with producer extrordinaire Dan Romer

-on tour 2011/2012



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Lelia Broussard

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