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You know you make me wanna shout! Kick my heels up and shout! Dance my butt off and shout! Play air-keyboards and shout (out out out out)!

Electronic music gets the multi-person treatment from this Canadian collective, with nary a computer in site. After all, who needs a laptop to do all the work for you, especially when you're armed with two bassists and more synth equipment than a New Wave cover band? Shout Out Out Out Out are certainly as eccentric as their name suggests, but their silly moniker plays second fiddle to the group's ability to turn a jaded New York audience into a sweaty, bouncing mess of electro-pop fanatics.

a little bit louder now (shout) a little bit louder now (Shout) A Little Bit Louder Now (SHOUT) OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT!

Check it out. This video rocks, fo' serious.

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Shout Out Out Out Out is a Candian band specializing in electro-dance music. The group's debut album Not Saying/Just Saying was nominated for a Juno Award in February 2007.

But enough about our descriptions. How would you describe yourselves, Shout out out out out?

From the NRMLSWLCM website:
Shout out out out out is made up of nrmls wlcm label bosses Nik Kozub and Jason Troock, whitey houston members Lyle Bell and Gravy, sketchy casanova Will Zimmerman, and a lil' spazz named Clint Frazier. They are a live spectacle, leaving jaws dropped and dance floors filled with their chaotic blend of epic bumpin'. Hell yes, let us do the electro rock and dance the night away.


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Shout Out Out Out Out

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